Lime Crime Velvetines ♥ Pink Velvet ♥ Review + Swatches + Comparison + FOTD

How do you write a review about something you are clearly obsessed about? You try ... try real hard! and I'll be doing just that today!

My babies! Lime Crime Velvetines: Pink Velvet, Red Velvet, Seudeberry
If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you know I've been waiting...rather impatiently.. for Pink Velvet's release! and as soon as it did.. it took my sleeps away! I could've bought it on day 1 i.e. Nov 29th but honestly, I just wasn't sure. It looked very cool toned and I was quite certain it'll look scary on me. Doe Deere (the owner of Lime Crime!) is porcelain white and super cool toned and she rocks it like anything! That made me think twice (actually way more than twice...many sleepless nights!) And when it reached NZ shores this week... heart took over mind! I ASKED my gf to be my secret santa and she agreed rather happily (Shout out to you Neha!) and boy! it's the best gift I've ever received in my whole effin life... Yeahh! those photo frames, wall hangings, hideous stuff toys, useless clothes.. better than them all! I was so wrong! It's a stunning shade that albeit my warm skin tone complements it like a match made in heaven.

I've never seen a shade prettier than this!

Ok.. back to being level-headed. I must not show my #obsessedwithanythinglimecrime side to the world.


NYX Antwerp Review + FOTD ♥

Remember that massive Cherry Culture haul a few weeks ago? I've finally started using some of that stuff and oh boy! I'm seriously impressed with the brand Nyx! I reckon it's the best drugstore brand I've tried till date! Beats Elf is my books any day! Though I'm not sure if I can call it a drugstore brand since we don't get Nyx at any physical store in NZ! Hence the massive orders from the likes of Cherry Culture and Beauty joint!

The product!

One of the best Nyx products for me has been the Soft matte lip creams! I might run out of words to describe my love for them. You know I'm a fan of matte's right? A very  uncomfortable unhealthy obsession for the dry lipped souls! And I'm assuming you already know how crazy I am about Lime Crime Velvetines (Seudeberry Reviewed here). There is something so endearing about matte lips! I probably can't put it into words so won't attempt!

When I discovered these babies from Nyx, it was like a chance to get more shades in Velvetines like formula. It'll be safe to say I've not been disappointed.


Forest Essentials ♥ Pure Rose Water Facial Toner Review ♥

I could've titled this post  "I'm currently obsessed about"!
Summers are well here in NZ (Yess!! We are in southern hemisphere)  and I honestly can't have enough of it. I'm obsessed about everything that is even vaguely summery! Bring on the lemonades, strawberry shakes and barely there clothes :p

You know I'm pretty big on natural skincare right? This review is about an awesome product from a fast emerging Indian brand "Forest Essentials" that is basically putting our ancient Indian skincare knowledge from Ayurveda into affordable luxury. Finally someone has hit the hammer on the nail. Spot on! Beautiful packaging, natural products and effective concoctions.


Skinfood Mud Masque Review!

Just a quick review of my favorite face pack these days, since many of you expressed interest when I posted a scary photo with it on (here, here and here)

Introducing you to this amazing natural product- Skinfood NZ's Mud Masque-Made from natural Rotorua mud.

For all the non-New Zealanders out there, Rotorua is a city in North Island famous for its hot mud pools, natural spas, sulphur laden volcanic sand, geothermal water and erupting geysers. Its a tourist hotspot! Rotorua mud is known to purify and heal skin conditions. Ancient Maori warriors would return after battle to remove the "Tapu" of war and heal their wounds at these thermal sites. If you ever come to NZ, it tops the list of must-see places! Who wouldn't fancy seeing a mud volcano right?

Back to our product!
I've been to Rotorua and even had a mud bath. I'm happy to report that Skinood definitely got the color right.


Its All Good "She'll Be Right Healing Balm" **GIVEAWAY CLOSED**

It wouldn't be wrong to call this tub the Its All Good’s version of ‘Everything Balm’. Yup!! You know my absolute favorite from Trilogy that I mention in every blog post without fail.!!! Reviewed (here)
"She'll Be Right" does everything and much more. I love multitasking products and own so many of them that I'm not a brand loyal anymore. If I feel like 'red', there’s Lucas pawpaw. If I need something heavy duty there's Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (going to review that soon). If I feel like treating myself to a soothing scent, its Trilogy’s everything balm & when I feel like pampering myself with some of NZ's organic goodness, its this lil' tub of ‘She’ll Be Right’. I’ve already reviewed ‘Magic Bites’ from this skincare range – My absolute weapon against insect bites (Review here).
It's All Good products

Awesome news: I have one It's All good's "She'll be Right" Manuka honey and propolis healing balm to giveaway (Thank you “The lovely folks at ECOtanka”).

Read on to see if you’d like to indulge in some organic goodness.


Cherryculture.com haul

How are you doing beautiful people? Sorry for the absence! We've been busy moving to a new place and you know how it's hardly ever fun!
I've been meaning to show you this cherryculture.com haul of mine since forever. The order arrived almost a MONTH ago!

So,Cherryculture.com had 40% off  everything a while ago and I obviously went crazy. 3 of us shopped together to share shipping (Whooping $25!!). So much of my wishlist stuff was on there and the prices were irresistible. We spent about $140 USD in total.

I won't say much. Gonna let pictures do the talking! Enjoy....

Combined order of us chics!
I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the website and the brands in general. Everything from NYX is so lovely! Highly recommended... Total value for money!

My stuff! Lip products are the highlight obviously...


Mid-november Empties + Mini-Review!

This is my first empties post and I'm super excited! Reason: I have tons of stuff that is near-empty and I keep on saving the last bit for no reason whatsoever. Ok.. I'm a HOARDER!! The very minute I started thinking of doing some empties post... it was all action after that. Started finishing my face washes and clearing my bathroom cabinet. It is such a good feeling. This in conjunction with my 1-month shopping ban (I mentioned that on our Facebook page..didn't I? which finishes today by the way!) has been a blessing in disguise. We are moving house soon and it's so not cool to carry near-empty bottles to a new place. Apparently that new place has even lesser storage space... Talk about cruelty!

So these are the empty bottles that I've been saving for this post since past few weeks!


It's All Good "Magic Bites" Review "Warning: Graphic Content!" **Giveaway Closed** ♥

Did I manage to grab your attention with that tagline? Yes? It served the purpose then! I'm not going to post any gory pictures here. Sorry! Halloween is done n dusted!
So are you prone to insect bites? Sand flies? Mosquitoes? I'm that type..!Yes..I'd like to put it that way. I have given up trying to fathom why on earth when the lawns are freshly mowed, I'm all itchy n scratchy  & other housemates don't even flinch.
I'm that type unfortunately! Come spring n summer... I get attacked by sandflies..sometimes 10-15 bites at one place (at the moment.. my right knee and left feet), like some fly went for evening stroll & decided to drop 'bread crumbs' on the way. I'm so tempted to share a photo of one such lazy stroll but I'll spare you the horror 'just because' we are in a public domain here. Oh check out the less gory version below!

6 bites in total.. Are you a game? Spot them!!!
The bites always start tiny as..the more you scratch, the bigger they get and there's no limit to how big they can get. The urge to scratch is just too much (even Sunshine agrees.. he got a couple this season; he feels my frustration now). They go big & red and won't heal till the day you stop scratching them (can go on for weeks). When you learn to curb the urge, it goes purple-y & then brown and then the scars take a month to disappear. I've so many life cycles of these bites going on my body at the moment...might just do a photo diary!!
I've also stopped analyzing where I get them from.... grass & freshly mowed lawns were the initial culprits but now I get them on my feet while shoes on; in my bed during sleep; from freshly washed laundry and other unidentified sources. Its pretty much right there in the air for me. Can't hide can't escape!

You already know that my Trilogy's‘Everything Balm’ works a breeze on these nasties. I’m so addicted to it.
Now coming to my recent find (I just take forever, don't I?) – Its All Good Natural and Organic Skincare's Magic Bites’. I cannot explain in words how much I adore this stuff. When the folks at It's All Good asked me to choose from their product range… this is what I wanted to try the most. Unlike moisturizers and cleansers where it takes months to notice a difference, ‘Magic Bites’ is something I can instantly tell if it works or not. I've been digging this super cute tub since the very minute I received it in mail.


Lime Crime Velvetines 'Seudeberry'- Review + FOTD

So, I started writing a post about stuff that is on beauty wish list a.k.a. lust list about 2 months ago. That post is still in the pipeline (like 20 others!)... my laziness..heights...!!! So, this was one of the things on my wishlist & nowwww IIIIIII have ittttt (yup.. you got the tone right!!). I OWN this beauty, my most prized possession in makeup-The stunning Velvetines from Lime Crime. What's not to love about it- the finish, the stay, the color, the matte texture!
I was torn between the shades 'Seudeberry' & 'Red Velvet', took FOREVER to decide & finally went with Seudeberry. Of corse, as is my nature, when confused between two best choices, I end up buying both eventually (coz the other one would haunt me in my dreams then). I bought 'Red Velvet' as well a week later. Ahh...peace xo

'Seudeberry' and 'Red Velvet' Close up!
Totally in loooove with both of them but 'Seudeberry' is just more fun me thinks!

As claimed by Lime Crime: Strawberry red, often associated with the 1950s icon Marilyn Monroe.
Long-lasting liquid lipstick that goes on like a gloss and dries completely matte. Our inspiration behind this product? Rose petals!
The Jewel in my collection


Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover Review!

Heya..Hope y'all doing good. How was the weekend for you? I had a super awesome and pretty busy weekend (for a change!) at Auckland Diwali Festival. The highlight being getting to hug my celeb crush "Superwoman". I shared the picha on my Facebook page (here) and Instagram (here).. yup! I'm there now.. It's kinda addictive!

Quick question: How do you like your face wash/cleanser? Foamy or creamy? I'm always confused about which one to use. Feel like using creamy one's but then I don't get that squeaky clean feeling. I've got dry skin so guess creamy is the one to go for! Anyways, Going to review my current fav! This one is dual- Makeup remover + Cleanser..! and added bonus.. Its natural..umm.. partly natural.. 86% to be precise!

The product in question!

Let’s move to the review… reporting back on the Neutrogena’s newest  (is that a word?) range, launched a few months ago in NZ, “Neutrogena Naturals”. I was sent the Fresh Cleansing + Make up remover by Beauty Review.

Close up!


❤ Trilogy has your Christmas sorted ❤

New Zealand's iconic natural skincare brand has your Christmas shopping sorted! I love Trilogy and that's no secret. Their "Everything Balm" is my constant companion everywhere.. even on the bedside... should I crave for it's scent at night.. ;)
Here is the run down of what you can grab for your loved one's this festive season, if you are able to part with them that is! I won't judge you if you can't.. We'll be best friends forever after that ❤

(Media Release)
Trilogy Christmas Collection
A treasure trove of Trilogy treats
Trilogy has come up with a treasure trove of natural skincare treats to make Christmas shopping a
breeze this year. We’ve got Christmas covered with three gorgeous gift options, if you can bear to
give them away, all of which are packaged in stunning, limited edition reusable boxes.

Trilogy Rosapene™ Day & Night Collection RRP $ 43.90
The star of the show, containing three of our favourite high performance skincare products, all formulated with our trademarked antioxidant rosehip complex Rosapene™ to give skin a radiantly healthy glow.
• Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ (30ml)
• Rosapene™ Night Cream (25ml)
• Vital Moisturising Cream (20ml)



MUA Haul + First Impressions!

I plan to be consistent with blogging now! Enough of laziness..!
Out of sight but certainly not out of the makeup world! So many online shopping orders have arrived in the last few weeks (do you know I'm on a shopping ban for a month?). Seems like I have enough makeup for next 10 years! This is a haul post. I personally like to see other blogger's hauls so hoping you'd bear with my bragging ;) Its good to know what fellow ladies order plus you can lemme know if you'd be interested in me reviewing any of the products in the haul. I aim to do these more often. Keen on your feedback on it!

So here is the order that I received from muastore.co.uk few weeks ago! MUA( Make Up Academy) is a really awesome but super cheap UK brand. It's quite famous there. Some of their products are shameless dupes of high end brands like MAC n Urban Decay! Wallet-friendly! They had free international shipping promo which is a saving of whooping $15 so I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered a handful of cheapies! The "bargain hunter" me comes into action whenever I hear the word "SALE".

Here's what I got. 1 pound is about $2 NZD so still not a bad deal.
All nice n pretty!
1.) Fashionista Caviar nails "Black Pearl" (£1)
2.) Liquid eyeliner shade 1 (£1)
3.) Undress your skin Flawless skin primer (£5)
4.) Fashionista double take lipstick "Atomic Tangerine" (£1.5)
5.) Fashionista double take lipstick "Ultra pink" (£1.5)
6.) £1 Matte lipstick "Wild berry" (£1.0)
7.) Blush perfection Cream blusher "Lush" (£1)
8.)12 Shade Undressed Palette (£4)

Total: £17 = $34.05 NZD


Hot Yoga/ Bikram Yoga - Day 1

So, I’ve just come out of our first Bikram/Hot Yoga class & OMG I just have to pen this down, RIGHT NOW!! It’s a moment of achievement!  As soon as I entered the studio, I knew we won’t last long in there – 90 minutes of this torture was unimaginable but but but.. We did it!!!

The heat, the smell, the sweat, the poses…!! Been there… done that!

Where do I begin?

If you don’t know what Bikram Yoga is…please Google!! It’s basically surviving in 40°C (38 to be precise) of heat- exercising, stretching n sweating!!

The heat…As soon as you enter it’s the first thing you feel & then comes the smell…the yucky sweaty smell. Now I know why you are not supposed to eat a good while before the class. Because if you do, there is a good chance you’ll puke.

We (Me & Sunshine) reached the class about 20 minutes before time (Yes! Indian & not fashionably late… Take that!!) and they escorted us to the studio. There were changing rooms and showers too but who cares…! I’ve problem sweating so assumed I should be sweet. Sunshine (let’s keep him anonymous for another month or two please!) sweats like anything but even he wasn’t prepared for the streams of sweat that were to flow on every part of his body in a wee while.

The heat was killing and suffocating. The smell made it worse. Introductory price was $20.00 for unlimited classes for a week but I was sure we were not to come back after this. I dragged Sunshine along so his interest in yet another smelly class was highly questionable. We glanced at each other in those dim lights… not sure what was coming  and then it started, the poses 26 in total… always even & repeated!!

I SWEAT!! Yes… it’s a big deal… & this is to whoever thinks I have a skin disorder. It was the first time in my 20 something (?) life, I felt it trickling down my spine!! A moment of elation… Yes… I can sweat! It soon turned into a mess though… Trickling from every pore on my body… My legs, arms, everything slippery, wet!! It was bledy raining on my mat.

I have done the normal (Hatha) yoga before & was pretty good with the poses there. There was definitely some overlap with the poses but Bikram was like next difficulty level. You do 26 poses in the same order every day, so am hoping I’ll get better at remembering them. Some of them were pretty hard & I did give-up on one or two. Let’s talk about fatty Sunshine now ;) He tried following everything for the first 30 minutes & then just gave-up.  His turquoise T-shirt all soaked; he was dizzy, flat out, all red, struggling to breath & giving me that ‘Can I please leave’ look!! He lay down & refused to get going until the trainer announced that it was the second last pose next. His clothes weren’t helping him either.

Now you ask!! Will I go back? Yes !! We have a week’s pass & I plan to make good use of the money spent. I was pretty certain, Sunshine wouldn’t tag along (the look on his face, I tell you!) but he said yes!! Unbelievable, I still doubt his intentions though. Yes! It was hard. I always wanted to do hot yoga but this was a lot more than I had imagined. Think Indian summer’s; mid-July; standing out in the sun for 90 minutes (minus the tan). It was exactly that! The sweaty smell was bad when we entered but it was beyond unbearable as the class progressed. Each of those 25 odd people were dripping like anything. The stench made it hard to breath. It was a terrible execution today but we are hoping we’ll get used to it. I am yet to sleep so will know the after effects tomorrow morning. Don’t need no cramps!! My top tips if you are prepared to go through this:
  • Need a mat (coz carpet is most likely drenched with years’  worth of sweat)
  • Need a towel on your mat (coz you’ll be dripping like crazy)
  • Carry a face towel (coz your face, legs everything will be drenched in sweet, will get slippery & it’ll be hard to execute the poses)
  • Water bottle is must (coz that’ll be your only ‘take a break’ moment)
  • Clothes – the lesser the better. I had shorts on & they should’ve been shorter. Tank tops/sports bra only. I loved how the trainer said it’s a “no-judging others” place. Honestly, who the hell would check out others (read flirt) in such an environment, sexy sweaty, smelly body… hell NO!! Sunshine had board shorts on & they are a big NO NO. He could hardly manage any of the leg poses.
  • Hydration – know the day you’ll be attending the class. Stay hydrated all day… not just before the class if you sweat a lot. You can lose upto 1 litre of water in those 90 minutes.
  • No solid food for 2-3 hours before class, no water 45 minutes before class
  We made sure we were fully hydrated all day (love my coconut water) but both of us felt dizzy after the class.
To wrap it up, it was a unique experience. I’m hoping I’ll get over the heat & stench and definitely plan to do this a few times this week. It’s a whole new-concept to working out & is pretty extreme too. Hats off to those who can do it alone!! Joining a class is the best motivator with hot yoga. Also it helps to be open-minded & take it as it comes. Spending 90 minutes in your own sweat.. Priceless!

Have you ever practiced hot yoga? Do you plan to? Your thoughts?

Image courtesy: 1, 2, 3


25 Things Part #2

After astounding success of 25 Things Part#1 , here's presenting before you the much awaited, highly anticipated Part#2 of this series ;)
Totally stealing this concept from my fav beauty blogger Ikya from Makeup Monologues! She is one AWESOME girl!

Lets start:

1.) I sleep straight and get up at an angle! Its so weird I sleep like 'I' and get up diagonally like '/' and best part is while am on bed it feels like I'm lying straight but when I open my eyes it's a 45 degrees angle! That happens even in the yoga class.. Shavasana (the lying down meditating pose!), teacher keeps telling me to lie down straight and me being me.. thinks she isn't talking about me ;) Gosh! that was a mission to explain it!!

2.) I like, love n even buy some of men's perfumes for myself...! Ck Euphoria men.. mmm..yumm :)

4.) I hate the feeling of wet hair on my back. So you'll never see me out and about in wet/semi-dried hair. They have to be DRY.. ASAP!!

5.) While we are on this hair thingy, lets clear this up as well. I just can't stand hair on my face! So, naturally no short fringes n "hair on your face haircuts" for me...! I can't concentrate on things/stuff if I have even a single hair on my face..  Think Driving!

That's my standard hair when I need to concentrate on things! Not a strand in sight. I wonder why I love long hair :0


Sally Hansen Gem Crush "Showgirl Chic" Review!

Heya!! So it’s finally spring here in NZ… What a dreadful long wait! Umm… Not so much honestly. According to official records, it was one of the warmest winters … Effects of global warming :(
How did I celebrate first day of spring??? Painfully....

I shed my bear hair. Yes! You heard that right!  Because it was winters..I didn’t really wax my arms & legs pretty much all winters... sounds gross right? I kinda did now n then.. but didn't really bother much about it! What was the point anyway.. So spring cleaning for me was shedding away tons of hair. Literally!
Come to think of it, I actually gave away bear hugs this winter ;)

In celebration of Spring... this review is about a stunning nail paint that I got from one of the clearance sales. It’s the new Gem Crush range from Sally Hansen, very aptly named coz this stuff is GLITTER BOMB:]
If you are a fan of glitter nail paints and are always left asking for more, this is for you!
There is nothing more annoying than looking for glitter specks in a haystack clear coat of polish.

I have the shade “Showgirl chic”- Cobalt blue round specks sprinkled on a stack of silver glitter. 2 coats and you are sorted for the night. So glam & definitely over the top. This one is not for the faint-hearted... Jewels on your nails!

Check out this stunner:
Sally Hansen Gem Crush- Showgirl Chic

Can you spot blue glitter in there?


Trilogy Everything Balm Review!

Do you like products that do multiple jobs? I never used to... until I found this gem! Whenever I think of a multi-tasker, the only product that comes to my mind is the much raved about NARS The Multiple. Have you seen that magic stick? Apparently you can use it on your lips, cheeks, eyes and wherever you want color. People are fan of that stuff and guess I’ll always be baffled till I bite the bullet & buy it for myself (that stuff is ridiculously expensive!!), had to be ..they justify it by saying you get multiple products in one. No Thanks!! I'll buy it just for my cheeks..Any discount?? But seriously wouldn’t you want something slick n moisturising for your lips and dry, powdery, crease-free for your eyes??? Lips and cheeks still makes sense to me..coz some days I go matchy matchy and dab a lil lipstick on cheeks to go with my lips. Useless info: I’d like to own Benefits Posie Tint one day. It has the most vibrant color and can be used on both lips n cheeks. Wishlist alert!!!!

So the product in question today is “Trilogy’s Everything Balm” 

A tub of goodness!


Clean Green Skincare- Mini Review+ Giveaway!

Have you noticed the last time I posted? OMG! It was agessss ago. No apologies for being so slack though! I have no idea what I was upto. I was busy.. definitely busy.. but didn't achieve anything! So got no excuse! Anyways, I'm back & back with a giveaway. BOOM!! You guys keen to try some really awesome NZ made, natural n organic products? I recently tried a NZ company "Clean Green Skincare". They are based in Wellington and are passionate about all things natural. I tried 5 of their products as sample sachets for myself and loved them thoroughly! If you have read my previous post 25 Things Part-1.. you'll know I'm a natural products freak. I love my oils to the moon n back! I'll definitely be purchasing full size bottles of some of the samples. Here's the mini review of the one's I tried.

Giveaway details at the end of this post. Here's how these products fared-

1.) Organic Nourishing Cleanser- This smells like my green tea (lemon + ginger flavor!)! It's white colored, creamy in consistency, doesn't lather at all, very mild, should suit all skin types- sensitive as well. I suggest removing your makeup prior to using this as it's quite mild but very effective indeed! It doesn't dry out my already parched skin. Must try if you have super dry skin!

Ingredients:  Pure NZ Spring Water, Organic NZ Olive Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Glycerine, Eco Certified Geogaurd, Eco Certified Lauryl Glucoside, Palmarosa Essential Oil.


25 Things- Part 1

So here are 25 totally random things about me.. Some make sense while most are no-brainers!
Well, I thought it'll be quite a challenging task to talk about myself.. but surprisingly once I started writing them down, things started clicking and it looked like I could possibly do few more posts like this.. So I already have part 2 written-up. It wasn't intentional to do two posts..But it'll be quite an overdose if I crammed up everything into one.
Read on!

1. I absolutely hate winters. Everything about them! It's my hibernation time. I hardly ever dress up in winters. 3 more weeks to spring...can't wait!

2. I've never slept with make-up on  my face. Not even a trace! It's my worst nightmare. OCD Alert!

3. I am an oil-girl. I have quite a collection of them (not sure if anybody will be envious of that!) and the obsession keeps growing with each passing day. Check out the photo below!  Believe me I use each one of them (Leave me a line if you'd like me to do a blog post about them!). Oh also, All essentials oils down there are natural, organic, virgin, cold pressed, bla bla...hah! Beat that :)

Next on my wishlist: Organic virgin coconut oil, pomegranate oil!

Proud moment!


❤ Lipsnberries interviews Merilyn Havler of Beauty Review ❤

So, after many hints on our Facebook page, the much hyped about interview is finally here. As most of you know, I've been quite sick, so was unable to post it earlier but things are looking up now and here it is... A behind the scenes interview with Beauty Review's creator "Merilyn Havler" and if you didn't know the face behind the website, THIS is it people.. Gorgeousness personified I say!

Merilyn Havler-Beauty Review

 Here are the excerpts from the interview-


Chidoriya Eye Serum Review + Giveaway

Hello people, thought I'll do a quick post!
I am really really happy today! After ages... I've felt a bit of contention in the work I do and funnily, its not for science but blogging.
Thanks to Jenna from Oh Natural.. I now have a title of 'Author' to my name! I swear never saw that coming :)

Check out my review of Chidoriya's eye serum on Oh Natural's website. Chidoriya is a well known Japanese brand. They make completely natural and organic beauty products, using traditional Japanese methods. If you are looking for a completely natural alternative to your eye care.. give this serum a try.. you won't be disappointed. It's full of nature's goodness.

Check out the review here (I'm so stoked!)! They have one eye serum to giveaway too. NZ and Aus residents can enter on their website in the giveaways section. Oh Natural is a one stop shop for Product Reviews, DIY beauty recipes, wellness, lifestyle, shopping and giveaways. Oh! did I mention all things natural and organic.. ? No nasties there!

So people, I accept all your congratulations with humbleness! Thank you so much for your love and support!

Nishu xo


MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick 'IMPASSIONED' - Review + FOTD!

Do you remember your first kiss? your first date? first day of college? First cycle/bike/car? first period :( and for the make-up geeks out there.. your first foundation/lipstick/blush/brush? Unless you own hoards of stuff or were simply born too rich to care, chances are you will remember your first's! I do.. My first foundation was a Lakme (Famous Indian Brand!)..I hardly ever used it, but when I did it looked absolutely horrendous and the fact that I reserved it for special occasions only..makes me cringe even more! It was a wrong color-made me look ghostly. It was a wrong type.. dry as anything, my skin would literally feel like tearing off and wrong finish too! Looking at the photos of those days, I think, why did I not see all this? ummm.. no idea! But that's growing up right..? You learn from experience.

Anyways, where were we? First's!!! Yeah.. so as I was saying, every first is special and so is my first MAC lipstick! It was on my wishlist for so long.. I don't even remember. Soooo glad, it turned out to be stunning, didn't want it to be a sour FIRST. It was a real big deal for me.. I remember telling everyone I met on that rainy day, about a month ago.. with my favorite pink blazer on.. that I've just bought my first MAC lipstick. Obviously!! they thought I was going bonkers! I went to the MAC store.. Asked for it specifically, donned it on and out the store! Went home.. but it was so stunning.. I just could not imagine not owning it! and there...I drove 30 odd km's again and got it! What an incredible feeling :p

Passionate about "Impassioned" (That's how it looks on me..and its not full force here!) & Yup! Sorry for photo quality.. iPhone :)

 Yup! you can laugh at that stupid expression.. and thank me later!


Max Factor Nailfinity- 900 Ruby Fruit- NOTD + Review!

I have such a pretty color on my nails at the moment.. I have to show you this. I adore dark mysterious colors.. its the whole aura about them (until of course they start chipping n all.. Its a different story all together then!)

Its winters here in NZ and I felt like eating plums.. like seriously.. no kidding! Of corse they are not in season. Why can't all fruits be in season all the time?  You know what, forget plums, I want to have Berries..all kinds...Strawberry (That's a berry right? correct me if I'm wrong!), blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and even random wild one's. Why can't we get them all the time? I know what you thinking.. duhh.. get frozen one's woman.. stop complaining! but I don't like frozen.. they are cold, icy and get gooey& messy after thawing.. see that's a valid reason, no?

Whoaa! I got completely off track here. Now, I remember why I started with plums. dorkk!
It's this pretty plummy nail paint!

Max Factor Nailfinity- Ruby Fruit


Clarins Beauty Flash Balm- Review!

Has it ever happened to you... there is a brand out there, people buy stuff from them and for no apparent reason, you never buy anything from that brand. You pass their counter every single time.. never stopping by.. not even a glance! Why o why? I have had such a relationship with Clarins.. since forever.. !
and then I started reading beauty blogs and suddenly there is a product that everyone is raving about.. and its a Clarins product.. and I think..are you kidding me? That brand is not appealing at all. I think it was the packaging. It was way too simple for my liking...red on white! But then one fine day my favorite StrawberryNET had it on special.. and special as in.. you can't resist it..that special! I am a s*cker for bargains and most times end up buying stuff that is on special/promotions and often buy
stuff just for the free gift that comes with it (they turn out to be useless later on.. and then that guilt! ohh... that horrible feeling!!!!)

Anyways, so the bottom line is, StrawberryNET had a special and I ended up buying the legendary "Beauty Flash Balm by Clarins" way cheaper than its retail price. So here are my 2 cents on this product-

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm


NOTD- OPI The Bond Girl Liquid Sand Collection- Solitaire- Review!

I am not gonna pretend that m a nail paint junkie and know a lot about nail them. I just love pretty colors-I have quite a collection of eye blinding brights, weird greens, deep purples and not so flattering blues.. I now long for traditional colors like red, pinks and pastels.. nevertheless, I am building up my collection slowly. Whats the hurry, anyway! (By the way, have you checked my favorite red nail paint . I love it!)

So this review is about my current favorite: its white, its glittery, its matte (sand texture!), Its bond girl, its OPI solitaire!

Such a stunner. Check it out:

OPI Solitaire

You like it?


Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick shade# 103 Review!

I have been so obsessed with lipsticks lately.. its unimaginable! I want every color that exists.. I don't mind pinks, corals, brights, reds, berries! This is coming from a girl who hardly had any lipsticks about an year ago.
So naturally I am exploring various brands these days and with the make up prices in NZ, it burns my pocket so bad!
Quick comparison- MAC lipstick here is $40 NZD, Revlon about $26, Rimmel $15
*rant rant*

Anyways, Rimmel has recently launched Kate lipsticks in New Zealand. Yup! you heard that right.. now..like few months ago! Its like we live in medieval times and the freight actually takes time getting to this tiny island.
They ran an online Facebook competition where I won Lasting finish by Kate lipstick#106. I loved it so much. Its the most unique bright pink that I had seen. So I delved into the brand more and bought another one. It was shade 103 and I'll be reviewing that today!

Product: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Rossetto# 103
Price: $15 for 0.14oz/4g
Rimmel claims:  
From Rimmel's Website!

Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream Review!

Would you believe if I say.. Months ago when I first thought of having my own blog (only in my mind!), this was the first thing I wanted to review. It is that favorite. I wanted to share this gem with the world!
So here's to the best hand cream that I know of, as I promised here : It's Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream. (long name I know!). From here on, we'll just call it Aveeno hand cream. ok?

Price: $11 NZD for 100g
Aveeno Intense Relief  Hand Cream

I have no record of how many of these I have already used up. I have two at home (back-up!), one in my car and one at work. For travels, I put some in sterilized lip balm containers and I am good to go. I cannot live without this!

Keen on reading more blabber.. ?


Avon Rich Moisture Hand and Nail Cream Review!

You know what I'll rather not write.. may be.. or may be I should? Alright I'll start with it and see how far this review goes! I've been staring at this blank sheet for about 7 minutes now... I realize I look dumb and should start typing something! ok.. This is a review about a hand cream. May be like the worst cream..! hand cream you should not bother buying ordering (unless they've changed the formulation or even packaging! Let's not name n shame the whole company coz of a mere hand cream.. right?)

So, the culprit is AVON and the product in question is their "Avon rich moisture hand and nail cream".
Sorry for the dull low light photos :(

I wish I could just do a one line review : I just don't like this stuff! and don't buy this (ok 2-line review!)
You know what I mean.. I don't want to go any further than this..

*5 minutes later*

Umm...I should at least list some pros and cons. You reckon?

OK! I'll be very very brief (Yeah right!).


StrawberryNET.com Review

Hi Lovelies

Thanks for stopping by! This is my first post ever (I am so stoked.. I can't explain!!) Yayyyy! *does a lil happy dance *and a stupid grin!

I thought I'll start my blog on a good note.. Review of my favorite favorite favorite website eva..(I hope it doesn't change and I keep having good service from them .. It'll be embarrassing not cool to be updating this post later on!)

So, ladies n gentleman ladies.. presenting before you the undisputed king for online shopping (in my world of corse!) the mighty StrawberryNET.com 

The logo!

I love them. I simply love them. I love everything about them (lovesick anyone?)

So, lets cut the blabber short..

What do I love about them? 
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