Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick shade# 103 Review!

23 June 2013

I have been so obsessed with lipsticks lately.. its unimaginable! I want every color that exists.. I don't mind pinks, corals, brights, reds, berries! This is coming from a girl who hardly had any lipsticks about an year ago.
So naturally I am exploring various brands these days and with the make up prices in NZ, it burns my pocket so bad!
Quick comparison- MAC lipstick here is $40 NZD, Revlon about $26, Rimmel $15
*rant rant*

Anyways, Rimmel has recently launched Kate lipsticks in New Zealand. Yup! you heard that right.. now..like few months ago! Its like we live in medieval times and the freight actually takes time getting to this tiny island.
They ran an online Facebook competition where I won Lasting finish by Kate lipstick#106. I loved it so much. Its the most unique bright pink that I had seen. So I delved into the brand more and bought another one. It was shade 103 and I'll be reviewing that today!

Product: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Rossetto# 103
Price: $15 for 0.14oz/4g
Rimmel claims:  
From Rimmel's Website!


So, this is a lovely, warm, medium rosy pink shade.

The look!

Here are my Wow's and not so Wow's on this lipstick!

  • Packaging: love love love! It is quite sturdy and attractive. I adore Rimmel's crown logo on the top too.
  • It smells nice and fruity.
  • It a perfect day color on my pigmented lips, a bit more than MLBB though ("my lips but better" for those who've been living under a rock/rocks :p)
  • It is creamy, goes on smooth and opaque in two swipes. No tugging or pulling!
  • Neither moisturizing nor drying. It just sits on top of lips.
  • It is definitely long wearing, stays forever. On me, easily 5 hours. I consider this decent enough!
  • It leaves a pink stain behind (not a con for me but might be for some people).
  • Affordable price range.
The color!

Not-so wow's-
  • The lipstick when applied has a slight graininess to it. I initially thought it is flakiness and I need to exfoliate my lips. So, I tried it on exfoliated, well moisturized lips but it still has that uneasy feeling.
  • It sits heavily. I can feel it on my lips all the time.
My Verdict-

 If you have a similar pink shade or know one in another brand, go ahead with it and skip this one. It feels heavy and is not very comfortable (other shades in Rimmel do not, its just this one for me!) I'll also add that it is a pretty shade indeed. I do reach out for it quite often because of its longevity and versatility. The review almost makes it sound like I do not like it but I really love this lippy and I DO NOT regret my purchase.

Nishu XO

What is your mlbb lipstick? Have you found one yet? Let me know in the comments below!

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