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The information provided on is for general purposes only. I have tried to offer you information and insights to the best of my knowledge and understanding. Please note that each person's skin and body is different so what suits me/my skin, might not work for you & vice versa (check out my skin profile here). I request you to always patch test if unsure and use your discretion and common sense when it comes to deciding products for yourself. I have merely tried to outline what worked/did not work for me.


Most of the products on this blog have been purchased by me unless stated otherwise in the blog post. All the views presented are honest and my personal findings.

This is a PR-friendly blog. Please contact me by email at . However, Please bear that not everything sent to me is guaranteed to be featured on the blog. It's not humanly possible. I prefer to write about products/topics that I have a strong opinion about! My opinion will be unbiased by all means. My reader's trust is my priority. I strive to write honest content and refuse to suit my words to your client's expectations.

All the content on this blog belongs to me and you are not entitled to copy or reproduce it in any way! Ask me nicely and I might say YES!

Wrapping up, readers please email me at if you have any queries, questions, suggestions, advice or even if you'd just like to say hi. I promise I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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