nil effort subscription box Review

26 August 2019

 You’ve never seen me endorsing a subscription box. I’m not a fan of gambling with my money and my body. Plus more tiny plastic bottles with unpronounceable chemicals in them. Here's one that I'll happily endorse though: nil effort subscriptions. A quarterly delivered box with your plastic-free daily essentials. A box that makes going ethical easy and hassle-free.

nil subscriptions offer regular deliveries of compostable bin liners, beeswax food wraps, eco dishcloths plus a new eco-product to try every month. 

I have been a fan of their beeswax and vegan wraps even before this box came to my doorstep. I mentioned them as the best alternative to cling wrap in my PlasticFreeJuly blog post here.
nil Products aim to make our daily environmental impact nil. No harm to the environment, no impact on the workers who made the products and no hassle to the consumer. It makes going green easy!
What is this subscription box and what are its contents?
I’ll keep it short and sweet for you
Paid monthly
Delivered Quarterly
3 price options to choose from - $9.99 (beeswax wrap only), $14.99 (small household), 19.99 a month (large household)
Pictured: $19.99 nil effort ethical essentials box which best suits a large household (2 adults and 2-4 children). This box has

3 Compostable bin liner rolls (20 bags per roll)
2 Beeswax reusable food wraps (Vegan option available)
A biodegradable and compostable dishcloth that replaces 15 paper towel rolls and soaks 15x its weight
A new eco-product in each box. The box I've been sent has a very stylish bamboo toothbrush
By being members of this exclusive nil club, you receive discount codes from various eco-friends of nil
With every box sold, nil contributes back to the community via the B1G1 platform (Buy 1, Give 1) and provides work to those in need.
Now that’s my kind of subscription box.

I’ve already been using the same nil food wraps and I can attest that they work perfectly. I haven’t bought cling wrap in months. With this regular supply of beeswax wraps, I don’t even need to.

I’m most excited about the compostable bin liners. This is one area we had been struggling with. We needed some kind of plastic bags to line the bins, hence had to sneak a couple from the fruit & veg shop each week. With this huge supply of compostable bin liners, we can go completely plastic-free while grocery shopping. I’m relieved.
Another new favorite is the dishcloth which is made of cotton & cellulose blend and dyed with natural vegetable inks. It soaks 15x its weight, replaces 15 paper towel rolls, dries super-fast and when out of life, degrades in the compost bin in 6 weeks. I’m using this dishcloth as Aiza’s feeding chair wipe. We clean the chair multiple times during the day and it had been such a waste of cleaning wipes and other resources.
My free goodie in this box is a beautiful bamboo toothbrush. We've been using bamboo toothbrushes in our household for the last few years. I didn’t even know nil made such beautiful natural brushes. It’s a piece of art. Literally!

Do I recommend this box? Absolutely. If you feel overwhelmed by all the greenwashing and the pressure to go sustainable and ethical, are confused about where to start and how to cut plastic from your life without going to great lengths, this box is for you. It makes going green easy and hassle-free. The products are delivered to your doorstep. It cannot get easier than this.

You can sign up on the nil website and join the nil harm community with a nil Subscription that suits your household.

Here's to the guilt-free living


Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by nil products, however, all views are of my own. 

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