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Hi there! I'm Nishu ...A makeup obsessed/lipstick junkie from Auckland. Born n bred Indian and pretty darn happy to call New Zealand my home. I'm a science nerd by day and blogger by night!

This blog is about Lipsticks, makeup, skincare, travel, life, food and a lot of random stuff that catches my fancy. I yearn for a simple, honest and happy life and this blog is my way of documenting those snippets.

I'm big on local, seasonal and nutritious food and that is at the heart of all my recipes. You will not find terms such as calories, protein, carbs, fat, etc. To me this would be disrespecting food. My Favorite cuisine has to be South Indian and Punjabi & Pizza (who doesn't love pizza?). I can those gorge all day. 

I love a peaceful and quiet existence, summer heat, travelling, long walks, cooking food and showing it off to my Instagram-fam

My profile:
  • Skin color: MAC NC 30-35
  • Skin Type: Normal to Dry 
  • Hair Colour: Black 
  • Eyes: Brown
Keen to know some unconventional/weird facts about me? Yeahh! About 50 of them!
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Nish xo


  1. Did smeone tell u ..u resemble so much to neeru bajwa ... U luk bful :)

    1. hehe! Yes.. I get that sometimes.. :) and its my favorite compliment ever.. I love that girl..She's my fav! Thanks for that hun.. you made my day!

  2. Hey There.... Im so glad to find a Nz-Indian Blogger . I really love love love New Zealand Ive researched a lot about the country . Even ive learnt their National Anthem !!!!!!! You're Really Pretty , Such a cute Blog :)) :D <3 Shrutika , u'll find me mostly on indianvanitycase .

    1. Thank you Shrutika! Thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoy this blog too. Cheers!

  3. Hey Nishu, I am a Big Fannn of your Blog. :D
    Harman From India :P
    hope you remember me. :)

    1. Hey Harman gill? Is it? Of course I remember you! Just did a quick search on my Facebook friends and you aren't there anymore! What happened?
      Thank you for the kind words.. :) Comments keep me going!

  4. yesss Harman Gill!!!
    Actually i deleted all my social network accounts. lol :P
    Hope you are doing good. :)

    1. Gosh! here's me thinking I got evicted from the friend list. But why? ALL SOCIAL MEDIA? You're a hero Harman. I wish I can unplug even for a day. I can imagine it feeling so light and stress free. Hey can you flick me your email ID please? I'd rather talk to you that way! There's an email icon up there (Red social media buttons on the right). Talk to you soon xx


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