SKIN by Ecostore Brightening Exfoliator Review

15 November 2017

skin by ecostore brightening exfoliator review

Beauty world is forever developing. There's new improved things coming out everyday. Gritty facial scrubs were so last decade. Isn't it? Now, its all about lactic and glycolic acid peels for gentle but effective exfoliation. St. Ives Scrub had its heyday. These days it's said that excessive exfoliation albeit taking off dead skin cells, causes micro tears in gentle skin structure and does more harm than good. Yes, I know all that. But there isn't a better brightening product than a quick 2 minute scrub to take away all the dullness and uneven skin. Just do it gently and don't over do it. Once a week works for me. Who am I kidding! Some busy months it's once in 4 weeks for me. I'm not the one for fussy skincare and too many products (though it might seem like I try a heck lot of them #BeautyBloggerLife) . If I have a skincare regime that works for me, why change it? Our bodies like regularity. Yes! Regular is boring but its good for us. Regular meals, regular sleep times and set skincare. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize is my mantra and will always be. No matter how many products I try out, I come back to my old favorites a few weeks later. Sometimes, I get blessed by skincare gods when I discover a new product that knock offs an old favorite from its top spot.

I reviewed SKIN by Ecostore products a few months ago and I can confirm that I am still in love with them. The Hydrating Moisturiser and Gentle Cleanser are still being used everyday. Their Multi-Nutrient Facial Oil was so beautiful but at just 20ml, it didn't last very long in our house. The night cream has fallen off the bandwagon and lost to my undying love for Rosehip Oil.

skin by ecostore face scrub review

SKIN by Ecostore has recently added two more products to their line up- Brightening Exfoliator and  Hydrating Mask. I've used the hydrating mask a few times and didn't feel like it did much for my skin. Please note, I already use a lot of moisture intensive products throughout my day so I don't have dehydrated skin to begin with. Maybe that's why the hydrating mask didn't seem to add much.

best face scrub for dry skin nz

But me and husband have been loving the brightening exfoliator scrub to the core. It is hard to find a scrub that is gentle, not too gritty and doesn't dry out skin. This one ticks all these boxes for me. The scrub has tiny granules that are not hard at all, they actually feel like tiny soft beads (Jojoba). Unlike the gritty apricot scrubs of the past, it's actually gentle enough to be used a few times a week. I recommend once.

The packaging is a sleek 75 ml tube, minimalist design and a great product, which seems to be a norm with all Ecostore products.

The scrub is enriched with Bentonite (NZ Glacial Clay), Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Blackcurrant Seed Oil, Pineapple extract etc. No wonder it feels so smooth and mask like. You could pretty much leave it on your skin to get benefits of clay (purifying, detoxifying and oil control for oily skin).

skin by ecostore hydrating mask review

Do I recommend this scrub? Yes, for a supermarket brand that is affordable ($19.99 NZD) and easily available, this SKIN by Ecostore Brightening Exfoliator, is a pretty good product to have in your shower. It's very gentle and should work for all skin types (Mine's dry). It doesn't irritate or dry out skin. Sloughing off dead skin cells in a minute. Good buy indeed!

skin by ecostore skincare review

Do you use a facial scrub? Or are you that fancy peels person? What's your favorite? Talk to me in the comments below :)


Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for consideration. My views are honest as always. 

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