11 June 2013

Hi Lovelies

Thanks for stopping by! This is my first post ever (I am so stoked.. I can't explain!!) Yayyyy! *does a lil happy dance *and a stupid grin!

I thought I'll start my blog on a good note.. Review of my favorite favorite favorite website eva..(I hope it doesn't change and I keep having good service from them .. It'll be embarrassing not cool to be updating this post later on!)

So, ladies n gentleman ladies.. presenting before you the undisputed king for online shopping (in my world of corse!) the mighty 

The logo!

I love them. I simply love them. I love everything about them (lovesick anyone?)

So, lets cut the blabber short..

What do I love about them? 

Didn't I say everything before? Anyways, I will provide the list for you:

The Website: The layout of the website in fun n funky. I love the purple theme. Its so unique and hard to miss. It is easy to navigate and shopping is super quick too.

The Brands line-up!

The products: It is the first place I check whenever I need any health n beauty product. Be it MAC, NARS, TBS or any high end stuff (yeah right! Check the price n then the thinking cloud appears *ONE DAY*). They do have a very wide range of products- Makeup, hair care, skin care, perfumes, and even men's range in a few categories (just so that the guys don't feel all bad!). They claim the products are a 100% genuine and I believe them.I haven't had a fake product so far.

The Price: The price is a real deal breaker for me. Just for reference, everything makeup is ridiculously expensive in NZ. The MAC studio sculpt foundation which is $31 in US, is $70 in NZ. So, I kind of feel ripped off if I buy anything at full price here. Online shopping is my hub then. The prices at StrawberryNET are way below the RRP and with the 100% genuine guarantee, I'm sold for life!

The Shipping: The Shipping is free. Yes! FREE FREE FREE! Wait: terms and conditions apply! (destination specific). So, the deal is shipping on everything except fragrances is absolutely free. It doesn't matter if you are ordering a big order or tiny lip balm, its still free. There are no minimum purchase restrictions as well. But it's an another story for the fragrance, perfume and cologne. For NZ, 10% of sale is charged for shipping (custom duties n stuff they say!) with a maximum of $11 NZ Dollar (this is apparently free for US and 10% of sale but maximum of $15 for India). So, this bit is destination specific (I found this out while writing the post.. had no idea about it previously).
The trick to save money is, if ordering a fragrance only, simply add a makeup, skincare or hair care product to avoid paying a surcharge due to International Air Freight Regulations (I have a big heart! Don't I?)

The Tracking: This is the bit that I enjoy the most. The fact you can track an item from Hong Kong to Auckland, right down to minor details like flight departed from origin, flight landed, waiting at customs to my local courier company. The shipping is super quick. They hardly ever take a week. Yes! it's that quick and that's what makes it fun. The fact that the product arrives before I've forgotten about it is such a bliss I tell you.

Order Tracking!

The Packaging: The items arrives in a sturdy cardboard box, with a signature purple ribbon on it. It's so cute! (Thanks to them, I have a ton of purple ribbons). The products are always bubble wrapped and secure with order receipt attached along with.

                  Recently received orders! (The CK gel liner, pink eyeshadow and Bare Escentuals brush in pic 4 is all free stuff  I got with my recent order)

The Promotions: They have a ton of promotions going on all the time. A few being: 6 daily deals, unboxed specials, top 20 specials. The specials section on the website is worth checking. They frequently have specials like 10% off all makeup or haircare.

Specials on at the moment!

The Free gifts: StrawberryNET does many specials. I have a ton of free stuff from them. Be it new customer offers, Facebook offers or giveaway deals. I have a purple makeup bag from them that I so adore! (Its my jewellery box pouch though). 

Free gift offer for new customers!

A short story:
So StrawberryNET had a Facebook offer of free Bare Escentuals heavenly face brush with any purchase. I bought the deal from by mate's email ID, so being a new customer I got a Calvin Klein cream eyeshadow free. Also (yes! there's more) they had a "recommend a friend promotion" which entitled $10 off the whole order and free CK gel liner pot. whoaa.. yup, 1 order, $10 off, 3 free gifts!! I was so stoked. I am a s*cker for free gifts. I am not even sure how and if I'll use them.

The Customer Service: You'd think being such a big successful company, they'll be busy as and wouldn't bother replying to customer queries.. Nahh! wrong. They have always gotten back to me within an hour or so and with a satisfactory answer of course. I even requested them once to put a Clinique lotion on their daily deal specials (because I couldn't afford it on full price). They said they'll try. I thought well! good try Nishu. Now, even the Hong Kong people know that you are broke. But to my surprise they had it on special the very next day.. How frickkin Unbelievable!! Unfortunately, it was the gel version and not the lotion. But it's the thought that counts right? and I'll always believe they heard me..haha

The Loyalty discounts: They have a loyalty scheme. The more you order, the more you benefit. So, this is how it works: 
  • Automatically calculated from the second order onwards
  • 2nd order extra 1% off
  • 3rd order extra 2% off
  • 4th order  extra 3% off
  • 5th order extra 4% off
  • Extra 5% off 6th order (6th until 9th orders) I'm here :)
  • Extra 7.5% off 10th order (10th until 19th order)
  • Extra 10% off your 20th order (and all future orders) 
I personally like this system. Gives you some extra smiles!

So, Whats not to love about them?

I'd like to say nothing. It actually is except that they don't have everything all the time. Some shades get out of stock and its takes some time to replenish them. Also, they don't have a system to notify you when the product is back in stock.

So that was my 2 cents (yeah right!) in the praise of this awesome website. Please note that this is not a paid review and I honestly genuinely love this website!

Till next time
Nishu xo

P.S. I wanted to be brief and succinct but the post turned out to be so long. So if you reading this and have reached this far, you are AWESOME!


  1. Do they ship to India as well, I mean free delivery to India???

    1. Hi Dear.. Thanks for stopping by! Yes.. They do ship to India as well.. FREE! Except Fragrances.. There is some surcharge on fragrances but everything else on site is free shipping. If you wish to save on fragrance shipping, just order any skicare or makeup item with it and then shipping of your order will become free for fragrance as well! Hope that helps!

  2. Will definitely try it in future!

    1. You must Rachna! and then you'll be hooked for life ..hehe! Good luck :)

  3. Thanks I have heard alot of mixed feelings about this site but now I might give it a try.

    1. Ahhh... Glad I could convince you! I bet you'll love it! Lemme know how you go Vana!

  4. do they ask for a address proof to confirm the shipping?

    1. Hi there. No they don't ask for address proof :)


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