Avon Rich Moisture Hand and Nail Cream Review!

21 June 2013

You know what I'll rather not write.. may be.. or may be I should? Alright I'll start with it and see how far this review goes! I've been staring at this blank sheet for about 7 minutes now... I realize I look dumb and should start typing something! ok.. This is a review about a hand cream. May be like the worst cream..! hand cream you should not bother buying ordering (unless they've changed the formulation or even packaging! Let's not name n shame the whole company coz of a mere hand cream.. right?)

So, the culprit is AVON and the product in question is their "Avon rich moisture hand and nail cream".
Sorry for the dull low light photos :(

I wish I could just do a one line review : I just don't like this stuff! and don't buy this (ok 2-line review!)
You know what I mean.. I don't want to go any further than this..

*5 minutes later*

Umm...I should at least list some pros and cons. You reckon?

OK! I'll be very very brief (Yeah right!).

  • Elegant packaging that gives it an expensive and posh look.
  • Cheap (about $4 or $5 on special, Can't remember exactly.. It was a while back!).
  •  Boasts of some good ingredients: Glycerin, lanolin, sesame oil.
  • Smells fresh, very flowery (likes of night-blooming jasmine/lady of the night).
  • Light moisturizer.
  • Ample quantity for the price-125 grams.
Consistency : Runny!

  •  Packaging is so inappropriate, the cream is more like a runny lotion and when you squeeze some out, the whole 125 g wants to come out. I end up putting it all over my legs.. Its not even funny I tell you! (THIS IS MY BIGGEST GRIPE!)
  • The moisture effect is very temporary, hands are dry as a parched land in the morning.. duh!
  • It doesn't absorb into skin! Wash hands and that slippery silicon feeling.. not good! washes out like a dream I'd say (pun intended).
  • It claims it makes nails BEAUTIFUL and strong..I certainly didn't see anything like that. Nops! not at all.
  • It gives a sticky feeling so if using this while typing.......... no comments!
  • Has a lot of alcohol in it (as per the label).
  • Since its Avon so its definitely a pain to order it. You have to find a rep near your place, contact them and then wait forever!

Avon Rich Moisture Hand and Nail Cream
So should you or shouldn't you?

Noooo, save your money and I'll let you know THE best  a better one next week (I haven't tried each and every hand cream on planet Earth.. YET!).. What say? deal?

By the way, do you use a hand cream? Do you think you really need one? or just any moisturizer will do the trick?  Let me know in the comments below!

Nishu xo

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