NOTD- OPI The Bond Girl Liquid Sand Collection- Solitaire- Review!

28 June 2013

I am not gonna pretend that m a nail paint junkie and know a lot about nail them. I just love pretty colors-I have quite a collection of eye blinding brights, weird greens, deep purples and not so flattering blues.. I now long for traditional colors like red, pinks and pastels.. nevertheless, I am building up my collection slowly. Whats the hurry, anyway! (By the way, have you checked my favorite red nail paint . I love it!)

So this review is about my current favorite: its white, its glittery, its matte (sand texture!), Its bond girl, its OPI solitaire!

Such a stunner. Check it out:

OPI Solitaire

You like it?

Product: OPI Solitaire
Price: $24.90 NZD for 15mL/0.5 Oz

This is my first white nail paint and I am glad it's not an ordinary one! I am in love with this. It is part of James Bond Collection, so that makes it even more special.
I am going to try n do a mini review of this. I promise I'll be super quick.. I knowww I always say that.. but you've gotta trust me this time.. pleaseeee.....?

The bottle

Notice that blue glitter?


Ok, WOW's-
  • Stunning color
  • Applies evenly, no streaks!
  • Liquid sand texture (It is such a conversation starter! especially with guys.. They get fascinated ;p)
  • It's got tiny silver glitter with a bits of dark blue cobalt (?) here n there. Perfectly balanced! Nothing over the top. Believe me "its a glitter nail paint and it looks classy"!
  • It stays on forever. I used two coats of the polish, with NO base or top coat. How easy is that? and it lasted me a good 6 days, no chipping (no kidding!). This has never happened to me. It is so unusual. On 7th day, I started noticing some wear, so quickly changed it!
  • The sand texture is smooth to touch. No roughness and scratchiness! I have an OPI nail paint that does that... very very annoying.. SOS (save yOur stockings/tights!)

You can tell I love making collages!

Ok.. the post is getting rather long.... lets skim over the NOT SO WOW's-
  • The color is prone to staining. I like to eat with my hands and because its white... you know what happens next.. :p 
  • Price: OPI is seriously expensive.. at least for me!
That's it.. This has got full marks from me. You should definitely go n check it out. It's available at Farmer's and selected pharmacies.

P.S. I told you it'll be a short review! hah..

Disclaimer: I received this nail paint from Beauty Review for review purposes for their website. My views are honest.


  1. I found your blog off Beauty Review, great to see Kiwi's with beauty blogs!

    Love this polish, its so pretty, I've always wanted to try a textured polish and I think I'm going to have to try this one!!

    The Lilly Mint Blog

    1. Following you on BlogLovin hun :) Awesome blog you have there.. Very neat! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Sarah.. yup! this polish is a must-have! Its stunning in person too. Cheers!

  3. Oh so jealous that you got to review it, I got an invite but I was too slow :( oh well maybe next time. I love the look of it, its like little pearls on your nails hehe

    1. awww... I hope you are super quick next time.. It's a race aye! Good luck ;)
      and its definitely pearls on your nails..It's the most unique polish in my collection. Reserved for special occasions..hehe

  4. Once I have enough money stashed away I am off to purchase this little beauty as I am so jealous of the look you can achieve haha :P

    1. This is a must-have hun.. specially for an OPI fan like you! This is my fav in my stash :)

  5. Thanks hun! It's a fav of mine. I was surprised at how well it complemented our Indian skin! must-have :)

  6. Love it, not a fan on the sand texture, I'd probably buff it up to a smooth add a layer of sparkles and high gloss it, won't stain then :) =^.^= chikoboo

    1. You have tons of ideas to make this work for you Chikoboo! Incredible! FYI its not very gritty though. Feels fine against skin :)


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