Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream Review!

23 June 2013

Would you believe if I say.. Months ago when I first thought of having my own blog (only in my mind!), this was the first thing I wanted to review. It is that favorite. I wanted to share this gem with the world!
So here's to the best hand cream that I know of, as I promised here : It's Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream. (long name I know!). From here on, we'll just call it Aveeno hand cream. ok?

Price: $11 NZD for 100g
Aveeno Intense Relief  Hand Cream

I have no record of how many of these I have already used up. I have two at home (back-up!), one in my car and one at work. For travels, I put some in sterilized lip balm containers and I am good to go. I cannot live without this!

Keen on reading more blabber.. ?

I have dry skin and I hate the feeling of dryness. Infact, I hate anything to do with dryness anywhere. I can't stand dry patches on skin, dry hands, cracked heels, that tight feeling around your mouth after cleansing and even that sound .. you know when your feet are real dry n parched and you rub them against each other.. ! eww... I just got goose-bumps even thinking of that. This is how paranoid I am of dryness. So, you'll never really find me with a dry patch. (Hell! If I have a slightest patch and I am in the middle of nowhere, I'll put my lip-balm on it (which I always always have -in MULTIPLES!)

I like dewy, moisturized, hydrated.. this is ME! So anything matte, mattifying, oil-controlling- I steer clear of that (except certain lipsticks *Read- MAC Ruby Woo I want you so bad!). I am sorry to disappoint oily skinned people. No Offense seriously!

*Enough of blabber*

Let me list some wow's and not so wow's in this product:

  • Dermatologist recommended.
  • Aveeno has a good reputation of being a natural brand that even suits sensitive skin people.
  • Contains natural oatmeal as the key ingredient.
  • Fragrance free.
  • Absorbs instantly, no sticky residue (perfect for desk, while typing and stuff!)
  • makes hands super soft and moisturized instantly and effects are long term. It heals from within unlike this handsome guy over here.
  • Definitely lasts through hand washes.
  • Soft hands shouldn't be far if used once a day during summers. Though in winters, multiple times a day for dry-skinned peeps!
  • Multitasking: I have personally used it on cracked feet, chapped lips, stubborn dry patches, etc etc etc and it has never ever disappointed me. I wake up with perfect skin every time.
  • Packaging is very convenient , practical and hygienic.
  • Perfect for both guys and girls. My guy friends love it. Both the packaging and fragrance are neutral.

Aveeno hand cream : Absorbs perfectly!
    The not-so wow's-
    • Price: It retails at about $11 NZD for 100g (I bet it'll be cheaper in US and else where.. We are so ripped-off here in NZ!!) but I always buy in bulk when its on specials like buy one get one half price or 25% off. It is a bit expensive for a drugstore product.
    • Aveeno claims that it moisturizes for 24 hours! Not in my case.. and I do not have extreme dry skin. I do have to apply it multiple times, especially in winters. Basically, when ever I feel my hands are a bit dry and tight.
    • Availability can be an issue in certain countries. I know India, correct me if I am wrong!
    • That's all I could think of! I had to think hard to find cons of this one!
    So Should you or should you not?

    DEFINITELY!! GO grab it, you will not be disappointed. It is the best that I know. My whole family loves  it and I keep hooking other people on it.. (Aveeno! Are you listening? I've been real good :p). I carry so many of them for my mum whenever I go to India. It is the only one she'll ever use (She is allergic to strong scents!) and I think I am hooked onto it for life. I hope they keep making it forever. I don't want this love to end!

    What hand cream do you use? Do you have a favorite? Let me know in comments below, I really want to explore more in this section!

    Nishu XO

    P.S. I have 2 more hand creams to review! Watch this space...

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