MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Dangerous Review

6 July 2017

MAC Dangerous lipstick review

MAC retro matte lipstick dangerous review

MAC Dangerous

MAC orange lipstick review

MAC lady danger lipstick review

MAC Dangerous lipstick on indian skin

I love MAC Lady Danger so its my favorite lipstick but tell you what, its intense. It is pretty damn intense. I wanted something similar that I can wear to a mall. Bright, bold yet fun for casual wear. Maybe because I've worn Lady Danger to death at far too many Indian weddings. Now even when I wear it casually, I feel like I'm going to a wedding. Kinda overmakeupped you know! So Dangerous it was! It is an orange with less red in it. And it's Retro Matte. Kinda my second favorite finish from MAC after Matte and my most preferred for long wear.
Retro Matte is the bees knees when it comes to long wear and god it is drying, more so if you have dry lips. So you gotta, exfoliate lips, moisturise them & then some more & then proceed with lipstick. If you follow the works, it's hassle-free to use! Its glides smooth & it craves compliments.

I've had this lipstick for a while now. I've used it on dry lips and I've used it on smooth ones. I've used it casually and I've used it for weddings. I've worn it for some memorable occasions like my NZ Citizenship Ceremony. I've loved it every-time I've worn it.

Here's the deal, if you have dry lips, this lipstick will drag and will fade off ugly. It will settle into fine lines. I still find it a tad creamier than Ruby Woo though, both being retro matte.
If lips are well prepped, this baby glides on nice, looks great, stays long & wears well. No complaints.
The average wear time is about 4 hours. It could last upto 5-6 hours if no food is involved. I can wear it on lips for hours and it doesn't dry them out anymore or feel uncomfortable the whole time I have it on.
The lipstick  takes 2 coats for full opaque coverage. One coat doesn't cut it for me!
Dangerous does have some reddish hues to it. Less red than Lady Danger though. It complements yellow tones of my face. Kinda makes it glow!

If you're looking for an orange lipstick and can deal with dryness, Dangerous is a good pick. I feel there are other similar shades out there. If you're not a MAC fan, this could be skipped. Also if you own MAC Lady Danger, you can do without Dangerous. I quite enjoy this one though. Goes so well with my neon yellow sweaters. Lady Danger still retains the top spot though!

MAC Dangerous is from the permanent range and is available at all MAC stores. Price $40 NZD (cheaper duty free & other far away lands!)

best orange lipstick MAC

MAC Dangerous vs Lady Danger

MAC Dangerous lipstick and Lady Danger difference

MAC Dangerous on NC35 medium olive skin

MAC Dangerous lipstick on dry lips

MAC Dangerous lipstick and MAC Lady Danger

Are you an orange lipstick fan? What's your favorite orange lipstick? Tell me yours in the comments below.


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