Institut Age Defense SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Review

17 July 2017

Institut Age defence sunscreen review

First things first, I'm not a sunscreen person. If I like a sunscreen, its a big deal because-

a.) I can't for the life of me use sun protection everyday! I don't even see sun everyday. It just doesn't make sense to me. Why should I burden my skin with an extra product?
b.) They are a sticky mess. It's so rare to find one that actually sits right. You know the one that doesn't make you ghostly white or doesn't make you look like a sweat ball or the one that doesn't smell like chemical concoction or the one that doesn't transfer onto everything you touch (Phone..eww!!)
c.) Makeup! How do you even put makeup on something that's a hot mess already?
d.) They are expensive. Like seriously expensive for the good quality ones.
e.) Ok that's enough. You get my drift right?

So for me to like a sunscreen, there's these boxes to be ticked. Tough luck right? Recently I found one that is near perfect. It isn't run of the mill and is not very easily available. All part of the fun right?

Institut skincare review

A few months ago, I was invited to get a complimentary Microdermabrasion treatment at the opening of The Cosmetic Clinic, Manukau (Auckland). Surprisingly I was given a free skin consultation as well. They looked at my skin under a UV light of some sort and obviously saw dry dull and blemished skin. So I was recommended two products from the cosmetic grade skincare they stock- A Vitamin C powder that can be mixed with any skincare product (Genius, isn't it?) and a broad spectrum sunscreen to maybe get me serious about my skincare game for the future.

Institut vitamin C powder review

Institut pure vitamin C powder review

I'm smitten with both the products. The 100% pure Vitamin C powder gives me glowy skin but I'll be honest I've been a bit slack in using it everyday. However, I think I've sussed the sunscreen game. So basically the days that I know I'll be going out during the day I put sunscreen on under my makeup first thing in the morning. Easy enough right? Because I still don't see the point of putting it on everyday when I'm inside the building from 7 to 4.

Institut sunscreen review

Institut Age Defense SPF 50+ Sunscreen is ace. It is broad spectrum, meaning it saves skin from all the various wavelengths of sun rays & is also 2 hours water resistant. It's moisturizing enough for my dry skin and still sets a bit matte. If you have oily skin, this will certainly work for you if you set with a bit of powder. I can put my foundation over it straight after and there is no mess or peeling off action. If I wear just the sunscreen, there is a little white cast to be seen which settles in after a few hours, but under makeup it feels like nothing is on. It looks super natural.

The sunscreen features antioxidants and also takes care of hydration. I still put a light wash of moisturiser underneath because if you have dry skin, you know! Moisturiser is our ride or die.

The active ingredients in this sunscreen are- Tinosorb S & Tinosorb M. Tinosorb S absorbs UV rays while preventing the photodegradation of other ingredients and complementing triple action of Tinosorb M (absorb, scatter & reflect UVA & UVB rays). This is a form of hybrid sun protection- both Physical & Chemical. Told you this is high grade stuff!

Now the price, $49 NZD for 75ml. It's a bit more that all my sunscreens but I figure it is still better than paying $30 for a hot mess that I seldom use and most often chuck in the bin after their expiry. Also, I'm going to use it just for the face so it should last long.
I like that all skincare products at The Cosmetic Clinic are $49 each. Easy on the brain!

Bottom line, I actually really love this sunscreen. If you've been looking for a good one for your precious face, give this a whirl. Its even good for post laser treatment & sensitive skin types. The Cosmetic Clinic has 2 stores in Auckland, NZ- Sylvia Park & Westfield Manukau & one in Westfield Riccarton in Christchurch. 

Institut is an Australian brand that does provide online shopping on their website. Don't take my word for it though. I only had a wee look :)

Institut broad spectrum spf50 sunscreen review

What's your favorite sunscreen? Do you use sunscreen everyday? Talk to me in the comments below.


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