Its All Good "She'll Be Right Healing Balm" Review

20 November 2013

It wouldn't be wrong to call this tub the Its All Good’s version of ‘Everything Balm’. Yup!! You know my absolute favorite from Trilogy that I mention in every blog post without fail.!!! Reviewed (here)
"She'll Be Right" does everything and much more. I love multitasking products and own so many of them that I'm not a brand loyal anymore. If I feel like 'red', there’s Lucas pawpaw. If I need something heavy duty there's Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (going to review that soon). If I feel like treating myself to a soothing scent, its Trilogy’s everything balm & when I feel like pampering myself with some of NZ's organic goodness, its this lil' tub of ‘She’ll Be Right’. I’ve already reviewed ‘Magic Bites’ from this skincare range – My absolute weapon against insect bites (Review here).
It's All Good products

Awesome news: I have one It's All good's "She'll be Right" Manuka honey and propolis healing balm to giveaway (Thank you “The lovely folks at ECOtanka”).

Read on to see if you’d like to indulge in some organic goodness.

 ‘She’s all right’ is a beige colored balm housed in a lovely fuss free tub. The balm boasts a beautiful & soft waxy texture that melts when comes in contact with skin. The consistency is quite light (though oily!) & doesn’t take long to absorb into skin. It’s made right here in New Zealand by a homeopath & is 100% natural & organic (SAFE)

Check out the full list of ingredients below-

Why don’t all companies not go natural n organic?? It’s possible. This proves. It isn’t rocket science… is it??
Now the ways I’ve used this balm :
Insect bites 
Don’t look at me like that!! I think it’s an OCD. Why the hell do I try everything on my sand fly bites? It’s just so weird. OH! By the way… this works! It soothes & heals. (FYI tried Tiger balm on bites last night.. ask me if it works!!!)
Lip Balm 
The best lip balm ever… its tasteless & doesn’t smell very lip balm like (you know fruity, sweet, too much sweet, cloyingly sweet… NO!! none of those!) Hard to describe the smell…ummm...very caramel like.. Reminds me of something warm. It’s Oh so lovely on the lips though. Sheer, moisturizing, hydrating & healing. My ‘Everything Balm’ has been slowly moved to second position. It’s that good! The best part is that it hydrates lips for good 6 hours, even after I’ve lost all of it through food & frequent brushing. I have Invisalign (kinda braces!) on my teeth & toothpastes makes lips super dry. This heals from within unlike any other lip balm. 
As a facial moisturizer   
If there’s one skincare/makeup item that I’ll have tucked in my pocket when the apocalypse happens (that movie 2012!!), it’ll be a moisturizer & dare I say ‘ANY’. My dry skin demands a good moisturizer at all times. While this balm may be a bit too much during day/under makeup, it’s perfect as a night cream. No breakouts as yet! I take it with me to my Hot Yoga class coz the sweat takes off all the makeup and gunk off face. Skin gets really dry after the class. This takes cares of it.
And of course it’s good for wintery hands & feet too.  
Yup! you can count on me to test the product on every claim it makes (Contrary, this makes none of those mighty one’s!). So, during the Auckland Diwali festival, a few weeks ago… While standing in queue for 1 hour n 40 mins (which felt like 5 mins.. to be honest!) to hug my celeb crush ‘Superwoman’ (I posted the pic on my Instagram), I was rewarded with the first sunburn of my life. Yeah! It was my first. Never before had I felt such a burning sensation under my skin which lasted for a good few hours & guess what… there was no mark to be seen the next day. The reason I think (..or was it my brown skin?), I had this in my bag & quickly applied it on the area. It soothed the burn (not immediately though!). I followed with some Aloe Vera gel when I got back home about 5 hours later and surprisingly there was nothing to be felt or seen the next day. MAGIC!! I believe it was this coz my aloe vera gel isn’t very flash.. a cheapie! 
It does say it can be used for burns & cuts on the packaging. 
I’m sure I can make many more uses out of this but I’m still exploring & will definitely discover some weird uses if I keep on taking it along during travels.
It’s a perfect size, price & matter to have with you ladies. Definitely accompanying me on my next long-haul flight to India which is …..Shhhh..

Where to buy it from? Email Sharon at (She's lovely!) to be directed to your nearest retailer or best just Google it. There are heaps of online retailers out there! 

I have an idea.. maybe do NZ manufacturers a favor and ask your nearest health store to stock these amazing natural products.

RRP: $14.90 NZD

Here comes the good part! GIVEAWAY!!!

NZ only sorry :(

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Giveaway closes on December 1st, 2013 (Sunday!) Happy sharing people :)

Are you a natural products freak like me? Whats your favorite natural brand! Enlighten me…
Nishu xo 


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