18 November 2013

How are you doing beautiful people? Sorry for the absence! We've been busy moving to a new place and you know how it's hardly ever fun!
I've been meaning to show you this haul of mine since forever. The order arrived almost a MONTH ago!

So, had 40% off  everything a while ago and I obviously went crazy. 3 of us shopped together to share shipping (Whooping $25!!). So much of my wishlist stuff was on there and the prices were irresistible. We spent about $140 USD in total.

I won't say much. Gonna let pictures do the talking! Enjoy....

Combined order of us chics!
I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the website and the brands in general. Everything from NYX is so lovely! Highly recommended... Total value for money!

My stuff! Lip products are the highlight obviously...

NYX Xtreme lip creams and Soft matte lip creams ($6 USD each before the 40% off discount)


Wanted to own a Beauty Blender since forever. Finally!!! Price: $20 USD before off

Some basic lip liners- $3.50 USD before off

Pinky, Coral and Natural: Close up!

My first eyelashes ever! Posted a pic on my Instagram n Facebook wearing them! Ardell Natural 118 Lashes: $3.90 each, Lash glue: $8 (prices before deduction)
NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk: $4.50 & NYX HD eye base: $7
Lip balm free with the order! NYX Round Lipstick in"Fire" : $4
 Done :)

Is there anything here that's on your wishlist as well? Have you shopped from Cherry culture? Would you like me to review something? Keen on your thoughts as always!

Nishu xo


  1. nyx lip products <3 awesome haul :)

  2. so many nyx products....great!

    1. heheh! My first order with nyx... loving them so far!

  3. wow!!! awesome haul! (y) drooling over NYX products :)
    Primed with Prettiness

    1. hehe.... They are real treat... aren't they? Thanks for dropping by hun...Just checked your blog... Its lovely! Following you on Facebook hun xo

  4. Lol!! Wow So much of Stuff!! ^_^
    Shopping is definitely my fave therapy too :P

    1. hahhaha! Thanks girl... Those are the signs of an online shopping addict. I'm glad we share the madness! Welcome abroad :) Love your blog btw! Following you now :) hehe

  5. Unscrew the bottom colorful part of nyx lipstick , more product is there . If you use lip brush to apply lipstick you can use product from there.


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