Skinfood Mud Masque Review!

6 December 2013

Just a quick review of my favorite face pack these days, since many of you expressed interest when I posted a scary photo with it on (here, here and here)

Introducing you to this amazing natural product- Skinfood NZ's Mud Masque-Made from natural Rotorua mud.

For all the non-New Zealanders out there, Rotorua is a city in North Island famous for its hot mud pools, natural spas, sulphur laden volcanic sand, geothermal water and erupting geysers. Its a tourist hotspot! Rotorua mud is known to purify and heal skin conditions. Ancient Maori warriors would return after battle to remove the "Tapu" of war and heal their wounds at these thermal sites. If you ever come to NZ, it tops the list of must-see places! Who wouldn't fancy seeing a mud volcano right?

Back to our product!
I've been to Rotorua and even had a mud bath. I'm happy to report that Skinood definitely got the color right.

A silky, greenish-grey colored mud masque that goes on like a dream and dries in 5-10 minutes flat
Love the texture of it.. spreads beautifully
♥ The packaging is superb! Tube prevents contamination
♥ Gives a warming sensation when wet .. that feeling lasts for about 2 minutes only though!
Best part: Doesn't dry out my already parched skin! Has a perfect blend of moisturizing ingredients. Check out apricot and orange oil in the ingredient list below! Vitamin E too... Bliss :)

Very refreshing. Perfect for summers!
♥ Imparts a nice glow to skin
Clears pesky pimples and dries some of them out too
Deep cleans skin and opens up clogged pores!
♥ Easy to take off
Sunshine loves it aswell... It's definitely unisex
Suits all skin types (Sunshine is oily)
Natural, Paraben-free
 Made right here in NZ!!
Bottom line... A product well worth the $13 you spend on it.. Highly recommended for skin that dries out with clay/fullers earth.

RRP $12.99 -  Available at supermarkets and The Warehouse stores nationwide or online at The website ships worldwide! I spotted their products on Amazon too; not to be confused with Korean brand 'Skin Food' though.

And sharing pictures from our Rotorua trip earlier this year!

You certainly don't wanna mess with these guys!
That won't end well for sure!!
That was my weekly ritual for you guys. Are you a regular with face packs? What's your favorite? I'd love to know!

Nishu xo

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