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21 December 2013

How do you write a review about something you are clearly obsessed about? You try ... try real hard! and I'll be doing just that today!

My babies! Lime Crime Velvetines: Pink Velvet, Red Velvet, Seudeberry
If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you know I've been waiting...rather impatiently.. for Pink Velvet's release! and as soon as it did.. it took my sleeps away! I could've bought it on day 1 i.e. Nov 29th but honestly, I just wasn't sure. It looked very cool toned and I was quite certain it'll look scary on me. Doe Deere (the owner of Lime Crime!) is porcelain white and super cool toned and she rocks it like anything! That made me think twice (actually way more than twice...many sleepless nights!) And when it reached NZ shores this week... heart took over mind! I ASKED my gf to be my secret santa and she agreed rather happily (Shout out to you Neha!) and boy! it's the best gift I've ever received in my whole effin life... Yeahh! those photo frames, wall hangings, hideous stuff toys, useless clothes.. better than them all! I was so wrong! It's a stunning shade that albeit my warm skin tone complements it like a match made in heaven.

I've never seen a shade prettier than this!

Ok.. back to being level-headed. I must not show my #obsessedwithanythinglimecrime side to the world.

Lime Crime is US brand that's all about color- brights, bolds and the unusuals! They are vegan and cruelty-free (Thumbs up!). Since I've already reviewed Lime Crime Velvetines in the shade Seudeberry (Review here), I won't go into super details in this post.  Shall let pictures do the talking today!

The Collection

Just applied swatches: When wet! From left: Red Velvet, Pink Velvet, Seudeberry

A minute later: dry and matte

What Lime Crime has to say about them?
Lip stain that goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Touch-proof, long-wearing, and utterly addictive!

Well, I'd happily agree on that statement.
liquid ✔
matte ✔
touch proof (well almost!) ✔
long wearing yes yes!
And addictive ... lets not even go there! I wouldn't lose my sleep over it if it wasn't addictive.

Those roses take my heart away! I can stare at the packaging for hours
Pink Velvet is stunning bright pink with blue undertones. It has surprisingly worked so well on my skin though I'm super warm (NC 30-35-ish Indian skintone). Bottom line, it suits both warm and cool tones.. so every girl needs to have it! It's definitely a universal shade
♥ It's looks different in different lighting. In sunlight its almost neon pink (like MAC Girl about town) and it's more of a deep pink with reddish undertones in the evenings
♥ A liquid that goes on smooth and opaque in one coat

Ingredients! If you care
Dries to a super matte finish in about a minute
Stays on forever.. survives light snacking, drinks and meals! About 4-5 hours easily on me and after that leaves a stain behind. It starts fading from the part! A lip liner underneath would secure it for the whole night.
Doesn't dry my lips the whole time it's on. Not uncomfy at all.
♥ The packaging: They have changed the packaging slightly and this one is even prettier than the last. Roses on cap and the frosted glass case.. This is THE ultimate luxury!
♥ The doe foot applicator actually works. It's easy to maneuver and get that perfectly enviable pout! Just noticed it's doe-foot is actually smaller than the previous two Velvetines. I've been able to get a perfect lip line with pink velvet easily so may be it's helping.
Pink Velvet swatch

If I had to gripe about it (like really really have to!!) I'd say this needs good wellcaredfor lips- Freshly scrubbed and drenched in lip balm (as with all matte's)! It also emphasizes lines and wrinkles on lips after a few hours of wear. That's a sign- top it up!!

I apply it straight from the tube but when I need to lock a matte lip color for the day, I follow this order!

scrub lips (super gentle) → lip balm (10 minutes) → wipe excess lip balm →lip liner (same or lighter shade) → lipstick/stain with brush or straight from tube → Blot (about 2 times) → Done!

That's general rule of thumb for lipstick application. I don't blot Velvetines by the way! Would hate to see them being wasted on a tissue paper :(

On me!

That's pink velvet for you ladies! Hoping you didn't discover my OCD about these babies. Honestly, I feel the addiction growing and am a bit uneasy about addictions in general. Remember I mentioned it in my post here?

Ummmm.. Lets not dwell over my insecurities!! Lets just admire the beauty again.. Pink Velvet that is!
C'mon ladies... come out of nudes and mlbb's and embrace the bold! Enjoy the attention this baby will get you...!

Price: $30 NZD/ $20 USD
Buy it from: and other online stores in NZ! Lime crime's official website ships worldwide (except Thailand)

So, tell me is this a shade you can rock? Is it your kinda shade or too bold? What will you pair it with?


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  1. Replies
    1. Seudeberry is my fav too..! It's a perfect summer color... I love to wear it on beach for some weird reason!

  2. Omg! Stunning color! But I'll have to agree. Suedeberry is the prettiest!

  3. wow that looks pretty good.
    how long do they stay?
    I am using the honey nectar Kardashian Lipgloss.

    1. They stay longer than your average lippy. A good few hours before they flake off Dani ! Hope that helps :)

  4. I have been eyeing on lime crime lipsticks for a long time..will buy them reading ur blog

    1. Thank you girl ! Lemme know how you go with them. They are a must have for me!

  5. u look pretty. Pink velvet is such a hot color. so tempting

    1. Well I couldn't resist the temptation Naseem... Can you?

  6. What lip liner did you use with it? :)

    1. I used NYX lip liner in "Pinky" underneath it Marilou!

  7. I have got to get on this bandwagon!!!

    1. Oh you must Lou! These are prettiest babies eva :)

  8. Which lip liner did you use with it? Please give the details of lip liner....

    1. Apologies for such a timely reply (NOT) !! I used NYX lip liner in shade "Pinky" underneath it Rownak :)

  9. Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous :) So pigmented!

    The Oxford Owl

    1. They definitely nailed the pigmentation there! Love it...


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