Lime Crime Velvetines 'Seudeberry'- Review + FOTD

31 October 2013

So, I started writing a post about stuff that is on beauty wish list a.k.a. lust list about 2 months ago. That post is still in the pipeline (like 20 others!)... my laziness..heights...!!! So, this was one of the things on my wishlist & nowwww IIIIIII have ittttt (yup.. you got the tone right!!). I OWN this beauty, my most prized possession in makeup-The stunning Velvetines from Lime Crime. What's not to love about it- the finish, the stay, the color, the matte texture!
I was torn between the shades 'Seudeberry' & 'Red Velvet', took FOREVER to decide & finally went with Seudeberry. Of corse, as is my nature, when confused between two best choices, I end up buying both eventually (coz the other one would haunt me in my dreams then). I bought 'Red Velvet' as well a week later. Ahh...peace xo

'Seudeberry' and 'Red Velvet' Close up!
Totally in loooove with both of them but 'Seudeberry' is just more fun me thinks!

As claimed by Lime Crime: Strawberry red, often associated with the 1950s icon Marilyn Monroe.
Long-lasting liquid lipstick that goes on like a gloss and dries completely matte. Our inspiration behind this product? Rose petals!
The Jewel in my collection

Ingredient list!
My 2 cents: I'm thrilled.. I've never had people ask me about what my lip color! A stunning almost neon-ish coral/orange that looks good on almost anyone. Paired with a neutral eye makeup & a peachy blush, this guarantees attention from everyone around. You'd love to catch a glimpse of yourself every 2 seconds, it’s just so pretty.
Lime crime has definitely nailed the formula- a manageable wet consistency that dries to matte finish in about 30 seconds and after that it just won’t budge! It is liquid lipstick.

Definitely inspired by Rose Petals!
The good:
Stunning shade. Will work for most skin tones but looks like it is made for my NC 30-35ish Indian skin.
Dries to matte finish… I’m sold!
Stays put for good 4 hours on me. I had it on during lunch & it passed the food test too.
Finish doesn't dry lips. Was highly doubtful of this one! It does feel comfortable the whole time it’s on. I have quite dry lips.
Peck proof (not pash proof!)
Vegan & cruelty free...bliss!!
The packaging is pretty frosted glass and quite a nice change from usual lip products

On me! Definitely not as red as in the picture..! It's orangey
The not-so-good:
۵ It does accentuate lines & dryness on lips after a few hours of wear. That's when you need to top it up with a thin coat.
۵ The doe foot applicator is a bit tricky to work with. Since its long wearing, you don't want to do it wrong & move backwards.. Such a pain!! Get it right the first time. Sit still & spend a good 5 minutes to get that perfect outline & then fill ‘em in. It’s worth it! A coral/nude lip liner would make your life easier. 
See the lines on my lips ;)
Verdict/final thoughts:
 Love love love this stuff (of course! That's why I bought the other shade). The formula is lovely. I'm a s*cker for matte finish & this is beyond perfect. It stays put for a good few hours & lasts through food & drinks. I'd probably re- apply a thin layer of it after 4 hours as it tends to show the lines & wrinkles on lips. Dry lips need to be exfoliated & nicely moisturized (can't stress this enough!!!). 
A good tip is to exfoliate with honey and sugar (or any lip scrub) gently & then slather a lip balm on. Let it soak in for few minutes & then wipe the excess with a tissue before applying a matte shade like Seudeberry.
Seudeberry is worth every penny. I'm already excited about the third shade 'Pink Velvet' due to release coming holiday season, though I highly doubt it'll suit my skin tone. It has strong blue undertones.
Dupe Alert: Makeup Academy has just released their new collection “Luxe-London” last week which features 5 matte lips creams called ‘Velvet Lips’ (you see what they are doing there? Frosted packaging too!) Check out the shades here.. Some of them are already sold out.. A bargain for £3!! I wish they were available when I made an order with MUA last month (Check out my haul here if you haven’t already... pretty stuff right there!) I’m quite impressed with the brand.
Sleek Makeup does a similar formula too- The Matte me range!

Buy it from: Lime Crime's Official website. I bought it from for $30 NZD. Love Megan's service! Various other online stockists as well. 

Did you like it? Will you be buying it? Are you a fan of matte's? Which boxes does it tick for you?


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  1. Awsome review, looks fabulous on you

  2. Looking fab on ur lips :) What a shade Nishu !!

    1. Thanks hun! Yup.. It's a lovely n unique shade ... ! Unfortunately I'm not too sure of it's availability in India! But the sleek matte me range is supposed to be pretty similar though I haven't used it myself!

  3. thanks Rachna :) it definitely is! if you are a fan of matte's, you need to check it out :)


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