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14 October 2013

I plan to be consistent with blogging now! Enough of laziness..!
Out of sight but certainly not out of the makeup world! So many online shopping orders have arrived in the last few weeks (do you know I'm on a shopping ban for a month?). Seems like I have enough makeup for next 10 years! This is a haul post. I personally like to see other blogger's hauls so hoping you'd bear with my bragging ;) Its good to know what fellow ladies order plus you can lemme know if you'd be interested in me reviewing any of the products in the haul. I aim to do these more often. Keen on your feedback on it!

So here is the order that I received from few weeks ago! MUA( Make Up Academy) is a really awesome but super cheap UK brand. It's quite famous there. Some of their products are shameless dupes of high end brands like MAC n Urban Decay! Wallet-friendly! They had free international shipping promo which is a saving of whooping $15 so I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered a handful of cheapies! The "bargain hunter" me comes into action whenever I hear the word "SALE".

Here's what I got. 1 pound is about $2 NZD so still not a bad deal.
All nice n pretty!
1.) Fashionista Caviar nails "Black Pearl" (£1)
2.) Liquid eyeliner shade 1 (£1)
3.) Undress your skin Flawless skin primer (£5)
4.) Fashionista double take lipstick "Atomic Tangerine" (£1.5)
5.) Fashionista double take lipstick "Ultra pink" (£1.5)
6.) £1 Matte lipstick "Wild berry" (£1.0)
7.) Blush perfection Cream blusher "Lush" (£1)
8.)12 Shade Undressed Palette (£4)

Total: £17 = $34.05 NZD

And then the color party started!

That blush is so intense... I did have a clown moment with it :)

Lipsticks- No order is complete without them!

Mobile photography at its best ;) NOT

Undressed Palette- so pretty n sleek!

MUA Undressed palette swatches!

First Impressions/ Mini-Review:
I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the quality of these products. I was a bit skeptical considering the price I paid for them. Expecting top notch quality from a £1 lipstick just isn't right. So not fair!
Its my first MUA order and the experience has been all positive.

The Fashionista lipsticks were so good. One swipe .. & woahh! So worth the price. I've already ordered 2 more of these.  
MUA £1 Matte lipstick was just ok. It wasn't pigmented enough and I had to glide it about 8 times to get the intensity! The stay was good though.
The Shade 1 liquid eyeliner was a stunning bright peacocky(?) green that stayed all day without budging. It has a tendency to peel so rubbing (read touching!) eyes is a big no no.
MUA's hot pink cream blush in shade "Lush" is insanely pigmented. I did have a clown moment with it. It does stay put all day! The Undress your skin Primer makes skin nice and smooth. Its a silicon based primer so that's a given! It did work nicely under my BB cream... No creases all day!
The 12 shade Undressed palette is a stunner. All the shimmery shades are very smooth and pigmented. The only let down is the two matte shades (3 and 5 in the top row, picture above). I had to swatch them about 5 time to get some color. The rest of the shades make up for the loss though!
I haven't tried the caviar nails yet. Will be doing that sometime next week! Will share the outcome with you!

Have you tried MUA? Did you like anything from the haul above? They keep doing promotions like 30% off or free international shipping on their Mr. MUA Makeup Academy Facebook page quite often. Its good to keep a look out for them.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this :)

Nishu xo


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks heaps Rachna! and what a timely reply from my side :)

  2. Those lipsticks are such gorgeous colours! I was considering getting the Undressed palette, but I'm glad you posted swatches because I don't think I'd like so much glitter (the colours are gorgeous though, hmmm...)

    1. Thanks babes! The lipsticks are really gorgeous! The berry one lacked pigmentation though. and yup! The swatches do show the glitter... but its not the "spreads everywhere" kind of glitter. stays put :) Thanks for dropping by! and Sorry for the timely reply...hehe


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