25 Things Part #2

18 September 2013

After astounding success of 25 Things Part#1 , here's presenting before you the much awaited, highly anticipated Part#2 of this series ;)
Totally stealing this concept from my fav beauty blogger Ikya from Makeup Monologues! She is one AWESOME girl!

Lets start:

1.) I sleep straight and get up at an angle! Its so weird I sleep like 'I' and get up diagonally like '/' and best part is while am on bed it feels like I'm lying straight but when I open my eyes it's a 45 degrees angle! That happens even in the yoga class.. Shavasana (the lying down meditating pose!), teacher keeps telling me to lie down straight and me being me.. thinks she isn't talking about me ;) Gosh! that was a mission to explain it!!

2.) I like, love n even buy some of men's perfumes for myself...! Ck Euphoria men.. mmm..yumm :)

4.) I hate the feeling of wet hair on my back. So you'll never see me out and about in wet/semi-dried hair. They have to be DRY.. ASAP!!

5.) While we are on this hair thingy, lets clear this up as well. I just can't stand hair on my face! So, naturally no short fringes n "hair on your face haircuts" for me...! I can't concentrate on things/stuff if I have even a single hair on my face..  Think Driving!

That's my standard hair when I need to concentrate on things! Not a strand in sight. I wonder why I love long hair :0

6.) I hate dryness. If you've read all my posts you probably know this by now. I cringe at even a mere thought of a dry patch. Just can't stand dry skin! Oh that reminds me of my favourite Trilogy Everything Balm.. I'm addicted to its smell! Have you checked its review? Its a must-have! There I just put some on my hand** umm..the scent... ♥ it!

7.) There is one fruit that I can't tolerate.. not even its smell (yup! there seems to be a trend here!)....and it's Mango!! (*heard collective sigh of all the Indians) and yes! don't ask me if I like mango shake... common sense!

8.) I hate littering n people who do that! So many of my friends can vouch for this one! Can't absolutely stand people who throw wrappers/chewing gum out of their vehicles onto roads. Not sure how many times I've asked my own people to stop the car and pick up their sh*t! Naturally they shove all their junk in my handbag now!

9.) I don't get my toes done..can't bear anyone touching my feet. So pretty much no pedicures for me.. unless I take the effort to do it myself! NOPS! That ain't gonna happen!

10.) I can be found in my sweatpants on most occasions.. Yup! even weekend getaways and trips to the mall.

11.) While we are at clothes, I hate tight/fitting clothes. Can't bear the feeling of fabric clinging on my skin. So my clothes tend to be in varying sizes.. mostly 1-3 sizes up! Comfy is my funda... I even buy clothes from men's section.. love 'em! and NO... I don't buy loose cocktail dresses!

Talk about loose clothes!

12.) Hate wool. Even if a garment has 1% wool, I won't wear/buy it. It has to be cotton, acrylic, nylon.. or some other fabric..just not wool! It makes me sick.. I swear! No one believes me on this one (̯͡͡) The white label inside the clothes is my best friend ever ♥

13.) I take sides. I am very political and juss loooove to debate. Got an opinion about everything..I follow political parties and stick with the one I believe in through thick n thin! Not to forget my annoying Facebook posts about my stupid opinions.. hah!

14.) If I didn't have to pay my rent and expenses, I'd be a social worker! I can't hold this urge much longer.. I can feel it!

15.) I'm a very non-adventurous person. I puke at even the simplest rides.. even the SWING! Yup.. you heard that right.

16.) I am so horrible at doing my hair. I never style them.
Yep! That's me...

17.) Currently undergoing Invisalign treatment (invisible braces!). My teeth were poles apart... I now have a smile.. Finally! This has changed my life (hand on my heart!)

18.) I have giant hands n feet! I was am women's full size in feet back at home (very embarrassing!).. Oh so glad I'm not the minority in NZ! People have big feet here. And I beat most guys when hands are compared!

19.) Henna- do you know about it? Or Mehndi as we call it in India.. I hate its smell, texture, everything about it but whats worse is when it starts fading on your hands. Semi-orange hands and absolutely no way to get rid of that horrible tinge!!! No offense to henna fans out there..

20.) I'm crazy about south indian food... can live on it! If I were rich.. I'll have a cook who can feed me south indian food at every meal.. yumm!

South Indian Masala Dosa

Nek-minnit- All gone!
21.) I lick food.. Yesshh! I'm super naughty and I find food tastes best with fingers.. Those stares don't matter me anymore. (Remember that fav white OPI nail paint of mine that I complained stains.. now you know why! Click here for that post in case you're wondering!)

22.) Never had a pet in my life. Always wanted to have a dog! Somehow I've always ended up with people who hate pets..! Why o Why?

23.) I have to have my 7 hour sleep.. any less.. sickness dawns upon me.. like literally! I puke mannn.. gross I know! but somehow, if I go to bed any late than 3am..I can't go to sleep and no sleep means sickness and wastage of next day as well! That practically rules out any clubbing/night life :(

24.) I don't watch horror movies. The last one I saw was "paranormal activity 1". I couldn't sleep for days after that one. Won't put myself through that terror ever again!

25.)  I'm the biggest Tomato Ketchup fan you shall ever come across and boy! that's not my illusion. Every person that knows me (even remotely!) would know that. I can have ketchup with anything n everything.. think yoghurt! I refuse to have noodles/maggi/savouries/sandwiches without my special sauce. I keep a stash of those MacD's and BK's ketchup sachets on me.. there's one in sight always! Proof: Can you spot that ketchup container in the Dosa photo above?

So, that's it for today! I'd like to know more about you? Are we similar.. ? How? Why NOT?
Share your thoughts folks...

Nishu xo

P.S. Would you like me to do Part 3? I discover myself each day!

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  1. Haahaa ! Enjoyed reading this post so so much :D We have loads of things in common :D
    xoxo <3


    1. Oh so glad we have things in common girl! I love your blog hun xo Thanks so much for dropping by :) hehe

  2. Interesting to read ! I hate tight clothes too,its so uneasy I tell ya ! Thanku so much for ur kind words on my blog, much appreciate !
    stay in touch !

    1. Tight clothes are such a pain ya.. I find it hard to breathe in them! Thanks for dropping by hun xo I love ur blog n style :)

  3. So, SO much in common! But then you already know that. Dont you? :D

    1. Yes!! and thats why I love you ;) Such a timely reply though!


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