Sally Hansen Gem Crush "Showgirl Chic" Review!

12 September 2013

Heya!! So it’s finally spring here in NZ… What a dreadful long wait! Umm… Not so much honestly. According to official records, it was one of the warmest winters … Effects of global warming :(
How did I celebrate first day of spring??? Painfully....

I shed my bear hair. Yes! You heard that right!  Because it was winters..I didn’t really wax my arms & legs pretty much all winters... sounds gross right? I kinda did now n then.. but didn't really bother much about it! What was the point anyway.. So spring cleaning for me was shedding away tons of hair. Literally!
Come to think of it, I actually gave away bear hugs this winter ;)

In celebration of Spring... this review is about a stunning nail paint that I got from one of the clearance sales. It’s the new Gem Crush range from Sally Hansen, very aptly named coz this stuff is GLITTER BOMB:]
If you are a fan of glitter nail paints and are always left asking for more, this is for you!
There is nothing more annoying than looking for glitter specks in a haystack clear coat of polish.

I have the shade “Showgirl chic”- Cobalt blue round specks sprinkled on a stack of silver glitter. 2 coats and you are sorted for the night. So glam & definitely over the top. This one is not for the faint-hearted... Jewels on your nails!

Check out this stunner:
Sally Hansen Gem Crush- Showgirl Chic

Can you spot blue glitter in there?
You must be drooling over it by now.. Before you grab your wallet and run out of the door... let me list its PROS n CONS… sorry to break your heart :(

  • Blingy/shiny/glittery
  • Looks absolutely stunning. I doubted that for my skin tone! I tend to go gold usually.
  • 2 coats & perfectly opaque coverage
  • Say goodbye to "Where the heck is the glitter??" frustrations reactions!
  • Brush is nice n long, not too messy!
  • Applies evenly
  • Gritty like most glitter polishes but isn't scratchy at all
  • It isn't terribly hard to take off
  • Available in four other shades. There should be one for you!

The brush: Nice n long!

Self-explanatory! but check out my giant hands..haha

Looks even more stunning in person! Pictures don't do justice to it.

  • Only, biggest & most annoying thing ever. Oh boyyy! This stuff peels right off. Can you believe that? The more glitter u stack up, the easier it peels off. Tried it with topcoat...NOPS! doesn’t work either. It stays for only good few hours (yes! not even a day!) and then this happens:

Not a good look right?? I was horrified to spot a chunk of it on my lap. I've been disappointed twice but I refuse to give up! I'll try it with thinner coats and probably a base coat as well next time! Let’s leave it at that.... I love this but…

Price - $13.99 NZD , Rs 450
Buy it from: Farmer's and selected pharmacies in NZ, India-

Do you love glitter nail paints? Is this one your cup of tea? What's your favourite?



  1. Oh thats sad when I saw ur nails I was like I am going to pick this one! But now I will not. Thanks!

    1. I know..I was sad too.. ! But I still love it.. Gonna try and work with it again... :) Do check out other shades in this range..May be its just this one Rachna!

  2. very pretty shade..i have same shade in Rimmel London..
    Lovely nails n following you dear

    my recent one :

    1. Ohh! Same shade in Rimmel.. Whats it called? I want it..! Thanks for dropping by hun! Follwoing you on Facebook :) Cheers!


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