Trilogy Everything Balm Review!

29 August 2013

Do you like products that do multiple jobs? I never used to... until I found this gem! Whenever I think of a multi-tasker, the only product that comes to my mind is the much raved about NARS The Multiple. Have you seen that magic stick? Apparently you can use it on your lips, cheeks, eyes and wherever you want color. People are fan of that stuff and guess I’ll always be baffled till I bite the bullet & buy it for myself (that stuff is ridiculously expensive!!), had to be ..they justify it by saying you get multiple products in one. No Thanks!! I'll buy it just for my cheeks..Any discount?? But seriously wouldn’t you want something slick n moisturising for your lips and dry, powdery, crease-free for your eyes??? Lips and cheeks still makes sense to me..coz some days I go matchy matchy and dab a lil lipstick on cheeks to go with my lips. Useless info: I’d like to own Benefits Posie Tint one day. It has the most vibrant color and can be used on both lips n cheeks. Wishlist alert!!!!

So the product in question today is “Trilogy’s Everything Balm” 

A tub of goodness!

Price: $24.50 NZD for 45mL,  $39.90 NZD for 90mL

Buy it from: (They ship worldwide, Free shipping to various countries!), Also, recently found it on They offer free shipping to both NZ and India!

Claims: Everything Balm fixes everything … use me everywhere … nourishing and protecting for face and body … soothing dry, chapped skin … softening, smoothing and moisturising … lip conditioning … cuticle care … melting massage oil … ideal for the whole family (bubs as well) … perfect for travel…
How to apply: Warm in hands or fingertips. Melts on contact with skin and absorbs rapidly.
Ingredients: Check them out in the pic below. Can you read them? Congrats you are a 6/6 ;)
(Click on the photo to view them clearly!)

Check out the ingredients!

NARS's Multiple does multiple jobs but this is supposed to do blimmin “Everything”. Very tall but genuine claim. Before I start off and there’s no stopping, I’d like to introduce the brand to you guys “Trilogy” is a very famous NZ brand. It’s one of few brands that are actually certified organic (By BioGro). I for one thinks that the words “natural”, “organic” and “eco-friendly” are thrown in the air a bit too often these days. Putting one natural ingredient in a concoction of chemicals does not make a product natural. Always-always read labels. I bet you will find a couple of nasties there. So where were we?? Yup!! Trilogy’s products are certified organic. Its assured that the product you are likely to put on your baby's bottom is safe. I reckon its even more important if the product claims that it can be used “everywhere” (absolutely useless info: Trilogy’s Rosehip oil + antioxidant has been on my wishlist since forever.... Being a hardcore oil fan, it just has to be!) Oh by the way.. did you check out my oil collection? It's here!

Fresh out of the box!

 Coming back to the product! It comes in a really cute, light weight, ‘makes sense’ packaging. The ingredient list is to die for for an oil fanatic like me! Who doesn't like the sound of Rosehip, Marula and Jojoba in their skincare..? Exotic I say!

Check out the main ingredients!

"Everything Balm" was a love at first sniff for me. Some days I put it on just for the sake of the fragrance. Its subtle, natural, rosy and absolutely positively mood lifting. The product is solid at room temperature and melts when warmed by our body heat.

I have personally used it on-
  • Insect bites. That has to be first one, I am prone  to insect bites..insects love me & this calms that itchy feeling
  • Dry/rough patches on skin
  • Wintery hands and feet
  • Cracked heels
  • Dry and sore lips (works AWESOME!)
  • Cuticles and nails (Highly Recommended!)
  • Taming unruly hair on my eyebrows (bet you didn’t think of that one!)
  • Overall as a facial moisturizer (tried it when I was super sick last month. Didn't cause any break-out!)
  • In-flight multi-tasker
  • Moisturizing eye lashes just before I hit bed!
  • Burns and cuts
These are pretty general uses I reckon. I will discover more as I’m still exploring this product.

Love thy humor Trilogy!

The consistency

                                                                      My Verdict
Must have!! Everything balm should have a slogan like “Need moisture I’m here" (what a poor attempt!) but seriously guys go for it. It’s worth the price. It’s completely natural. Look at the ingredients!!! I haven’t tried it on sensitive skin/eczema/babies but it does work there too.  The only con that I can think of is that because it's made up of oils, it takes a bit of time to soak into skin, like a few minutes. Nevertheless, it is a handbag staple for me. Oh! and also Trilogy has changed its packaging recently. The new tub is pretty petty!!

So, have you used "Everything Balm"? Do you like it? Is there a multi-tasker that you swear by?

Nishu xo

Disclaimer: I received this product from Beauty Review for review purposes (for their website). My views are honest as always!


  1. Replies
    1. ships this to India for free! Let the $ settle a bit :)You'll love this in winters!

  2. This tub is damn pretty :)lovely review <3

    1. Definitely! It's my tub of goodness! Thanks dear :)

  3. nice review...I will try to get it!

    1. Heyy thanks for dropping by Shivi..Just checked your blog.. lovely work :) Following you on BlogLovin n Facebook!
      yup! Its an ahhmazinggg multi-tasker! must-try :)

  4. I even had a patient who used it to make his hair grow on bald spots. Also very good aftershave. Prevent and treat shaving rash

    1. bald spots.. whoaa! Thats incredible.. Thanks for adding! I should keep on using it for my eye lashes then ;)

  5. nice review n it looks yummy though..
    following you dear now ..

    my recent one :

    1. Thanks for dropping by Tejinder! Following you too.. :) and yes! this one tastes yummy on the lips too.. I love its yummy coconuty cremy taste..hehe

  6. You should check out the Santé Miracle Balm! Using only 3 natural ingredients it is a great multi-tasker.
    Love the blog Nishu! x

    1. Hi Nellie.. Thank you so much for dropping by hun! I just checked your website, have a fab product there! Would absolutely love to try it hun! Drooling over the eye makeup remover too.. :) oh! and loved your blog too...! Yes..I can be a complete stalker at times ;)

  7. I'm thinking of picking this up sometime soon so it was great to read your review of it!

    1. Awesome choice hun! It is a must-have for me.. so many uses of it :) Lemme know if you like it too.. Thanks so much for dropping by hun xo I love your blog :)


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