25 Things- Part 1

12 August 2013

So here are 25 totally random things about me.. Some make sense while most are no-brainers!
Well, I thought it'll be quite a challenging task to talk about myself.. but surprisingly once I started writing them down, things started clicking and it looked like I could possibly do few more posts like this.. So I already have part 2 written-up. It wasn't intentional to do two posts..But it'll be quite an overdose if I crammed up everything into one.
Read on!

1. I absolutely hate winters. Everything about them! It's my hibernation time. I hardly ever dress up in winters. 3 more weeks to spring...can't wait!

2. I've never slept with make-up on  my face. Not even a trace! It's my worst nightmare. OCD Alert!

3. I am an oil-girl. I have quite a collection of them (not sure if anybody will be envious of that!) and the obsession keeps growing with each passing day. Check out the photo below!  Believe me I use each one of them (Leave me a line if you'd like me to do a blog post about them!). Oh also, All essentials oils down there are natural, organic, virgin, cold pressed, bla bla...hah! Beat that :)

Next on my wishlist: Organic virgin coconut oil, pomegranate oil!

Proud moment!
4.) I'm an online shopping addict. There is a constant stream of packages that arrive at work and that makes me quite famous with the courier guys and reception staff.. ;) Latest one I received was from   StrawberryNET!  Check out the contents of this box on our Facebook page here!

Love StrawberryNET for such a neat packaging..and consistently each time!

5.) I am writing this at work, in a meeting... and this guy in front of me.... wouldn't just stop talking. It's only been like 3 minutes and I've already lost interest in him.. Oh so glad I've got better things to do! Yay!

6.) I'm the most non-ambitious person you'll ever come across. I still have no idea what I want to do in future. As a kid, my so called "Ambition in life" would change every month.

7.) I am a foodie, can eat all day and very seriously follow Rujuta Diwekar's (a celebrity nutritionist from India) advice about eating every 2 hours.. so there is nothing like lunch and dinner for me.. they are just meals at very odd times.. It simply works for me! Rujuta has changed me as a person, seriously!

8.) While we are at food, lets make this clear as well "I HATE COOKING" !!

9.) So, naturally, I have never baked a cake in my life!

10.) I looooveee dark chocolate.. Whittaker's Ghana is 72% cocoa and that's the highest we go here in NZ. You'll always find a block of this in my bag, home and at work too!

Whittaker's Ghana!

11.) I am big on recycling. It pains me to see people throwing stuff in rubbish that should rather be recycled. I do get quite sh*tty about this sometimes! Recycling..anything, anytime, anywhere is my motto!! That explains my cotton pads in M&M containers and eyeliners in nicely wrapped tomato can.

Yup! I store some of my oils in a Louis Vuitton case..!

12.) I've never watched the S*x and the city series but now I want too. Not even desperate housewives to be honest!

13.) I am lazy and always leave things up to the very last minute. I find myself more productive when in rush.

14.) I can't look at myself in the mirror past midnight. Not that my face scares me.. OK..there's a stupid story behind it!

When we were kids, we didn't have cable connection at home, so we used to get limited TV channels. There was very famous horror show called "Aahat" and we used to go n watch it at our neighbor's place. It's been forever but I still remember it used to air on Wednesday's 9pm. Coming back home with my siblings after the show used to be a nightmare. We'd scare each other. Anyways, coming to the point! There was once an episode where a lady used some black magic to stay young forever but she would return to her normal very very old self (scarily old!!!) at night when she faced the mirror...  (I know you are thinking where is this going.. !!) Sooooo, I am scared to look in the mirror past midnight. I don't turn on the light when I get up for toilet, just in case I catch myself in the mirror. So if I sleep at a new place.. you can imagine me banging into walls!
Arrgghh...this was so hard to explain..! I'm not so weird, trust me.. pretty please??

15.) I just can't criticize anyone.. be it outfit, food or anything! Dalai Lama says "If you can't do someone good, then at least don't harm them. I say "If you don't have something good to say then shut up".

16.) I can never remember dates! My friends are a living proof of how many times I've forgotten their birthdays/anniversary and similar occasions. I'd be lost without Facebook notifications on this one!

A good friend: I'm angry with you.. You didn't wish me on my b'day.. It was on Dec 16th..I thought we were friends :(
Me: Yeah right! I didn't even remember my Father's b'day and that was Dec 16th..
A good friend: I rest my case! You are so useless..

17.) I'd prefer Veg over non-veg and salty over sweet any day! point#10 is the only exception.

18.) I am serious bargain hunter. Never bought anything on full price.. can't justify NZ prices ever!
This applies to everything.. Makeup, clothes, electronics, etc etc! Things have to be on special/discount/off to get my attention.

19.) I can survive on crackers n hummus all day. Pumpkin hummus.. yumm!

Yup! It's empty.. as expected..! I finished it all in 2 meals :)

20.) Just forgot something I was about to write.. argghhh! It's still at the back of my mind!! So annoying!

21.) I have a short attention span, can never work on something for long, mostly don't finish things
that I start.. call me an opposite of perfectionist! Just realized point#6 and this could be related!

22.) I am seriously non-photogenic. Surprisingly, most people don't know this as only decent n good one's are posted on Facebook (Obviously!). No one knows of my tribulations and failures ;)

Beauty aisle: That's where I'm found in stores!

23.)  I am a pen n paper person. I sometimes write blog posts on paper and then ask a friend to type it for me...Wish there was a way to copy things from paper and paste onto computer .. haha! I am sure it's coming...!

24.) I have a fear of addictions. I do not drink tea, coffee, coke.. just coz I fear I might get addicted to them! No kidding.. I have a genuine fear about needing tea every morning or evening when I'm old.There.. I just googled it.. It's a phobia.. Ethismosophobia-Fear of addictions ! Now I know it's real.

25.) While we are at addictions.. I should get this out as well! I'm scared about getting too dependent on my phone. Can be categorized under Ethismosophobia? I still use a phone that has no internet function. So naturally I don't have Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram and all those cool apps (I use them on other people's phone though..haha!) Just to be clear, I'm not against technology but its the dependence that scares me off! Friends have messaged me countless times about my Whatsapp and Viber account and it looks like I'll have to give in soon-ish!

So, that's it for today. You definitely know a lot more about me now. I feel I've given myself away. Never mind! Watch out for part#2.

So temme, did you like the post? Do you have a weird OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) too? I shouldn't be the only weird one around. Share away!

Nishu xo


  1. Omg... Its like i'm reading my own confessions here. Although i love mirrors and have coffee addiction. But otherwise *same pinch*
    Was lovely meeting you here.
    Following you on bloglovin

    1. haha! Sigh of relief... I'm not the only weird one around! Ok.. I have to get this out..I'm not a stalker but I have visted your page a couple of times.. It's really nice ;) and I love Ikya too.. though I'm a silent reader on her blog ;) So nice of you to stop by! I'll be following you as well.. Thanks hun :*

  2. hey...kudos to ur honesty :)... again we had so many things in common...i m also foodie lyk u..do the work at the last moments (even i feel my productivity is best at dat tym )....n miss Sis..Dad's b'day is on 15th dec. nt 16th...hahahha again u don't remember..n i feel i m gud at remembering dates:P...and nw cmg to aahat scene..u knw i sumtyms feel esp at nite..while looking into the mirror..there is some world behind it,,,n if i keep on thinking lyk dat..mirror wil pull me inside into his world..i knw its funny..bt i do think lyk dat..i think aahat left strong impression on ur mind...n SIS u are the best..with all your best n bad parts..nobody can be lyk u...luv uu :*:*

    1. haha! we are bound to have few things in common.. lol.. blood connection! and I had no idea you suffer from "Aahat and mirror phobia" too ! Just don't turn on the lights at night.. It helps.. trust me :)and OMG! I got the b'day wrong again..and believe me I still don't remember who I had that conversation with! I must be getting old.lol
      and love you too.. Keep supporting <3

  3. Luv this nish.. So insightful.. Lol.. But yeah really njoyed reading this.. Keep doing well,.

    1. awww... Thank you Agam! So glad you loved it! Watch out for Part#2 :) Love

  4. Pen and paper thing is what I do too :) Cute things you shared about you :) Loved the post :)

    1. awww...Thanks hun! I guess we are still old-fashioned but I just can't get over my pen n paper ishtyle! Btw just visited ur blog..It's stunning.. Loving your pics and specially DIY's! I have so much more to learn! Thanks for stopping by.. Following you on BlogLovin and Facebook :)yay!

  5. Omg! I saw that episode of Aahat too. I still run past the mirror at night. I honestly thought I was the only one :P
    Fun post! Loved reading it.

    1. ohhh! I can't thank you enough for stopping by hun! I now know I'm not the only weird one! That episode was downright scary and not something kids should see at that age.. leaves a lasting impression..hahahha!

  6. I loved reading all the points :) You seem to be a very interesting person <3

    1. Thanks for dropping by Preeti! Following you on Fb... You have a lovely blog hun!
      Glad I sound a bit interesting.. I'll post the second part to it when I reach 200 likes on facebook! Cheers :)

  7. I just love the way you write Nishu! I am in love with your hair!;)

    1. hehe! Thank you Nitisha... and my hair.. lets not go there.. they never behave! That photo is a rare phenomenon ;)


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