MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick Review

13 November 2017

MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick review

Oh the name! This has to be a name that resonates with me..I'm kinda sexy, kinda cool, kinda happy & kinda messy. The number of times I use 'kinda' during my day has me wondering if kinda is my kinda word.
Its kinda possible that this lipstick was bought due to its name. The color is not too bad either. You agree?

MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick swatch

MAC Kinda Sexy is from MAC's family of matte lipsticks, my favorite formula from them. If I say owning every lipstick from MAC's matte range is one of my life goals, I won't be exaggerating. Of corse they have to suit me. I'm not buying any wacky colors for the heck of it.

MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick

Best nude lipsticks MAC kinda sexy velvet teddy mehr twig

MAC Kinda Sexy vs MAC Velvet Teddy

MAC best nude lipsticks for indian skin

Kinda Sexy is a beautiful coral nude shade that works for a lot of skintones but if you are any darker or deeper than my skintone NC 32, you are better off without it. It'll wash you out. If you're lighter than NC 32, by all means, get this baby! It is such a gorgeous nude shade.
On me, its borderline. I can make it work with a flawless face of makeup, black smoky eye and all that jazz but good lord! if its a bare face with no makeup, nops! it doesn't wanna belong to my face. It washes me out. Unlike MAC Soar , Twig or Mehr, that are just so effortless , I can't count on Kinda Sexy to take me from 0 to 55 in one swipe (sans makeup).
Although, I can mix this color with deeper shades to create a beautiful custom color.

The lipstick is superb in application and finish though. Very smooth application, it just glides on with a velvety feel. The finish is a comfortable matte that stays for 5-6 hours. It doesn't accentuate flaws and lip lines. Very flattering!

MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick on indian skin

MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick on medium skin tone

MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick on NC 35 skin

Do I recommend Kinda Sexy? Yes, if you are lighter than NC 32 skin tone. If you have a deeper skin tone, this will wash you out. I'd prefer MAC Soar, Mehr and Twig for deeper skintones. 

MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick on medium olive nc 40 skin

Do you own Kinda Sexy? What's your favorite nude lipstick from MAC? Talk to me in comments below :)


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