Chidoriya Eye Serum Review

24 July 2013

Hello people, thought I'll do a quick post!
I am really really happy today! After ages... I've felt a bit of contention in the work I do and funnily, its not for science but blogging.
Thanks to Jenna from Oh Natural.. I now have a title of 'Author' to my name! I swear never saw that coming :)

Check out my review of Chidoriya's eye serum on Oh Natural's website. Chidoriya is a well known Japanese brand. They make completely natural and organic beauty products, using traditional Japanese methods. If you are looking for a completely natural alternative to your eye care.. give this serum a try.. you won't be disappointed. It's full of nature's goodness.

Check out the review here (I'm so stoked!)! They have one eye serum to giveaway too. NZ and Aus residents can enter on their website in the giveaways section. Oh Natural is a one stop shop for Product Reviews, DIY beauty recipes, wellness, lifestyle, shopping and giveaways. Oh! did I mention all things natural and organic.. ? No nasties there!

So people, I accept all your congratulations with humbleness! Thank you so much for your love and support!

Nishu xo


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