Max Factor Nailfinity- 900 Ruby Fruit- NOTD + Review!

17 July 2013

I have such a pretty color on my nails at the moment.. I have to show you this. I adore dark mysterious colors.. its the whole aura about them (until of course they start chipping n all.. Its a different story all together then!)

Its winters here in NZ and I felt like eating plums.. like seriously.. no kidding! Of corse they are not in season. Why can't all fruits be in season all the time?  You know what, forget plums, I want to have Berries..all kinds...Strawberry (That's a berry right? correct me if I'm wrong!), blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and even random wild one's. Why can't we get them all the time? I know what you thinking.. duhh.. get frozen one's woman.. stop complaining! but I don't like frozen.. they are cold, icy and get gooey& messy after thawing.. see that's a valid reason, no?

Whoaa! I got completely off track here. Now, I remember why I started with plums. dorkk!
It's this pretty plummy nail paint!

Max Factor Nailfinity- Ruby Fruit

Product: Max factor Nailfinity- Ruby Fruit (see !! even the name is fruity.. )
Price: About $5 for 10mL/ Rs. 330
Buy it from: NZ- I got it from Importers Clearance sale. India-
Claims: Always get tough on your nail polish. There’s no excuse for chipped or flaked nail color thanks to Nailfinity. Unlike other long-lasting polishes, it clings to your nail giving a lustrous, freshly applied look day after day, no matter what life throws at you. Work, shop, party or hit the gym with the confidence your nail colour can stand up to the challenge.

The nail paint is plum colored. Its not just plum, its deep plum. Imagine mixing Crimson and rust..Its like that! Such a stunning and rich shade. Very classy, vampy and edgy. Its warm and hence brightens up my hands (NC 35!), I love the finish, very glossy, streak free. One coat is a bit reddish-burgundy and two coats.. voila!
I like the brush too. Its long and makes it so easy to do the edges. It lasts a good while too. Almost 4 days on me.

Enjoy the photos! I got no complaints with this beauty.

Max Factor Nailfinity Ruby Fruit!

Rain in the backdrop!
My fav pic!

It's really that glossy!

LOVE it!

With Flash!
Do you like dark colors on your nails? What is your favorite color family for nails? Let me know in the comments below!

Nishu xo


  1. too glossy and plum shade <3 love it!!

    1. Hey thanks Gowthami.. It is definitely very glam.. Love the super glossy look!

  2. Sexy color:)
    Yes yes I so very badly love dark colors n nyc review:-)

    1. Glad you loved it! Its a must-have! More stunning in person.. :)


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