MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick 'IMPASSIONED' - Review + FOTD!

22 July 2013

Do you remember your first kiss? your first date? first day of college? First cycle/bike/car? first period :( and for the make-up geeks out there.. your first foundation/lipstick/blush/brush? Unless you own hoards of stuff or were simply born too rich to care, chances are you will remember your first's! I do.. My first foundation was a Lakme (Famous Indian Brand!)..I hardly ever used it, but when I did it looked absolutely horrendous and the fact that I reserved it for special occasions only..makes me cringe even more! It was a wrong color-made me look ghostly. It was a wrong type.. dry as anything, my skin would literally feel like tearing off and wrong finish too! Looking at the photos of those days, I think, why did I not see all this? ummm.. no idea! But that's growing up right..? You learn from experience.

Anyways, where were we? First's!!! Yeah.. so as I was saying, every first is special and so is my first MAC lipstick! It was on my wishlist for so long.. I don't even remember. Soooo glad, it turned out to be stunning, didn't want it to be a sour FIRST. It was a real big deal for me.. I remember telling everyone I met on that rainy day, about a month ago.. with my favorite pink blazer on.. that I've just bought my first MAC lipstick. Obviously!! they thought I was going bonkers! I went to the MAC store.. Asked for it specifically, donned it on and out the store! Went home.. but it was so stunning.. I just could not imagine not owning it! and there...I drove 30 odd km's again and got it! What an incredible feeling :p

Passionate about "Impassioned" (That's how it looks on me..and its not full force here!) & Yup! Sorry for photo quality.. iPhone :)

 Yup! you can laugh at that stupid expression.. and thank me later!

Product: MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick "IMPASSIONED"
Price: NZ- $40; India- Rs. 990
Buy it from: All MAC counters worldwide
Claims: Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous!

So here it is.. MAC Impassioned! Described on MAC's website as "Amped-up Fuchsia". It is more of a neon-ish hot pink on me.. with coral undertones! It is a crazy popular shade among MAC diehards and now I know why! It just brightens up the whole complexion and makes me all pretty and glam-ed up! Its a bold color so a bit of confidence is needed to step out of the house (I have tons of it..Yeah Right!). True hot pink and a definite must have for warm skinned beauties. For reference, I'm NC 35 and its perfect on me.. I can see it working for a variety of skin tones but ya, I can't stress enough to test this color on you for a day and see the magic for yourself.

The classy MAC bullet.. and its smaller than it looks!

The packaging is standard MAC. Gorgeous black bullet! But you can't see the shade from top :( I'm not complaining though!

It talks to me!

Oh totally skipped the important bits! The lipstick is Amplified creme formula so its very creamy, not drying at all! Goes on super smooth and opaque. The best bit is that it stays on forever. On me, a good 5-6 hours and after it's all gone.. leaves a very pretty pink stain which is simply gorgeous. Oh and it fades evenly too..! The scent is vanilla but no discernible taste as such.

Its THIS long!

♥ Swatch ♥

This is THE closest I got to the true color! It was so hard capturing the shade on camera.

On my lips! Notice it looks different in every lighting.. :)

So, Bottom line, Warm skinned people.. get it as soon as possible and cool skinned, please test it for yourself, I have a feeling it might work.
That was my first MAC lipstick. The journey has begun.. :)

Tell me, do you remember your first make-up product? Your first lipstick? Was it a hit or dud? Ummm...Why just make-up? any other first will do as well... :p



  1. OMG! Just came back from your blog and I'm stoked! what a beautiful n neat place to be! Loving your photographs n style.. and how cool that you are a family of bloggers! that must be fun :) Following you on Facebook hun! Thanks for stopping by :) xo

  2. Nyc review :)
    This shade suited u really well :)

    1. Thank you for your compliment! It is a lovely shade indeed :)

  3. Impassioned is my favorite lipstick! It was my second Mac lipstick. The first one was Cosmo.

    1. Oh nice! I've been eying cosmo as well but somehow whenever I go lipstick shopping, I end up with brights n bolds! I should control the urge and get some safe colors..high time :) Thanks for dropping by hun. Following you on Bloglovin n Facebook! xo


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