Monthly Empties- September Edition!

2 October 2014

This has been done before. Ages ago! Hoping to continue this time around. I've never hit pan on a makeup item but skincare stuff runs out like crazy, which is good- old stuff out = new stuff in.

Here's what I finished off in September:

1. Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover ($7 for 70 ml)

Reviewed on blog last month. My favorite no frills makeup remover- cheap, efficient, doesn't itch my overly sensitive eyes. Already repurchased.

2. Skinfood Mud Masque ($13.00 for 100 ml)

Reviewed here. A firm favorite in our house. It's a volcanic clay mud masque that has moisturizing nutrients! Probably the only one that doesn't dry out my parched skin. Will be in the shopping trolley this weekend.

3. Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo* ($19.90 for 190 ml, Available online)

Seems like lots of hair care stuff has made its way on the blog last month! No qualms though. I love alternating shampoo – currently obsessed with Sorbet Damage Control Bar & Ecostore Normal shampoo.

The Weleda Oat shampoo claims to nourish the hair and scalp and protect them against external influences! It definitely does a good job of cleaning as well as nourishing my scalp. Doesn't dry out hair and is certified natural too. Oats are probably as good for hair as for breakfast.
It's transparent yellow in color and lathers ok, though not as good as drugstore shampoos.
The only issue would be price and availability.
They have two other variants- Millet for nourishment and shine & Wheat for balancing and cleansing scalp. I'm keen on the wheat one next!

4. Weleda Oat Replenishing Treatment* ($19.90 for 150 ml)

What Weleda says about this? 
With its delicate scent, rich organic shea butter and extract of organic Oat, this treatment smoothes the rough surface of the hair, intensively nourishes and hydrates. It increases the natural shine and suppleness. Incredibly thick and luxuriant, the treatment is more like a body butter for the hair than conventional, synthetic treatments.

That's dream stuff right? My experience with this has been a bit mixed. I'm still undecided if it worked or not. Now there is a conditioner in this range as well but this is not that! It's a treatment meaning extra rich nourishment.That's where I'm not convinced. It doesn't do miracles but does just what a conditioner would do. Therefore, I don't mind using it on a regular basis instead of conditioner. It's a thick off-white paste that disappears in hair instantly and comes out easily when rinsed. It does smooth my hair and keep them healthy looking but there are no miracles to be honest.
Bottom line- Won't be repurchasing

5. Forest Essentials Pure Rosewater Facial Toner (Rs 1025/ $17 for 200 ml)

This Rose luxury has been  reviewed already. Rose Water is my favorite toner. It’s good for dry skin – nourishing! I’m addicted to floral extracts so adore this one. The spray pump is quite handy and saves a lot of product that otherwise would have been wasted on cotton pads. I will be saving the bottle just for that. Recycling!!

FE Rosewater is 100% pure rose distillate. It was a regular purchase until I stumped into an equally amazing & way cheaper- Fab India Rose Water! So while this might not be repurchased, the rose water obsession continues. I can't wait to show off other floral extracts toner that I have from Forest Essentials. 

They are expensive, for sure, but it isn't marketed as luxurious Ayurveda for nothing. Gotta pay the premium. Isn't it?

6.  L'oreal Paris Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in 'Carbon Black' ($8 for 0.05 ounces)
The only makeup item in this post! My favorite black eyeliner. It's been on repeat buy for last few years. Judge its use by the state of its packaging. All the markings have rubbed off.
The liner is intense black, glossy, opaque, has smooth felt tip & creates a perfect winged liner. If I could I'd screw its brush on my Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner. That has the most annoying stiff brush.


That's it for September! These posts motivate me to finish off products so I aim to continue with them for the sake of my vanity's breathing space. Amen!

What did you finish this month? Let me know in the comments below :)

Nishu xx

*PR Samples. My comments are honest as always. 

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