Lime Crime Eyeliner in 'Lazuli' - Review + Swatches +FOTD!

30 September 2014

What’s Lazuli you ask? A unique word... Isn't it? I didn't bother researching about it till last week. Hooray to blogging I get to learn such varied topics.

Last month I bought this Lime Crime eyeliner in ‘Lazuli’ that the website says is ‘an electric blue inspired by Lapis Lazuli & would enhance brown eyes'. As much as I wanted to buy citreuse, the neon-citrus yellow, I decided to play safe and go with this deep blue shade that claims to suit brown eyes. BROWN EYES!! Yesss.. This had my name written all over it. However, after testing the formula…. I wouldn't mind that neon yellow or heck even the purple one!

'Lazuli' is a deep blue/azure colored liquid liner. For a makeup newbie like me, venturing from black to colored liner world is quite a bold move.
Black works for brown eyes like nobody's business. I've been a fan since the day I got the flick right (Always on one eye though! Can the two eyes ever look the same?)
But look at this! How cool is this blue? I’m a fan.

Here’s my experience with this product:

- Opaque color achievable when layered 2-3 times. Its easy to layer it.
- The formula is smudge proof. It doesn't go anywhere if you accidentally rub eyes.
- Dries quick.
- Suits brown eyes or at least I think so! Your opinion?
- The brush is so good. I’m going to save it. I've never been able to get a perfect wing in one stroke. This brush was magic! Easy to do both thin & thick line with it.
- Formula is not runny but not thick n gloopy either.Just right!
- It stays on & on! I can’t say how many hours as I had it on for a day i.e. 8+ hours & it was still there in the evening. So definitely long wearing.
- Easily gone with water & oil based makeup removers.
- Packaging is top-notch. Top shop like polka dots on carton.
- Vegan & Cruelty Free


- Pigmentation- It needs to be layered for a completely opaque line. One stroke will just not cut it! I've layered it twice in these pictures. Could've done more.
- Price- $25.00 for 1.3 ml is pretty steep. Don't you think? As much as I want the neon yellow one… it’s out of my budget. It’s so tiny.
- Not waterproof-  Not to be confused with smudge proof. You rub it with a dry finger, it stays put – that’s smudge proof. Wet that finger & bamm it’s gone. However, I’ll credit is for not bulging under running water. Only when I rubbed it.. it washed off.
Bottom line- Rain = No eyeliner

VERDICT:  Lime Crime definitely nailed the formula – A striking azure blue color, beautiful formula, fuss free packaging, a very functional precision brush, decent color pay off and smudge proof (NOT waterproof though). $25.00 is bit too much for 1.3 ml of product though.
If you can afford it, Go buy it! No regrets here.

BUY FROM:, Lime Crime website ships worldwide at a flat rate of $10.00 shipping.


What's 'Lapis Lazuli' the inspiration behind it?
Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue semi precious stone that has been mined since antiquity for its intense color. Its mined primarily in Afghanistan since 7th millennium BC. So pretty old! 
In middle ages Lapis Lazuli used to be exported to Europe, where it was ground and powdered into Ultramarine, the finest and most expensive of all blue pigments. The powder was used by world renowned artists in their murals and paintings to paint the blue clothes or eyes of central figure (like Virgin Mary)
'Lazula' comes from 'Azula' which in Arabic means blue. Azure blue you see!


I styled this eyeliner with purplish pink Lime Crime Velvetine in 'Utopia' . More pics with eyeliner and lippy in this review here. Featured Nails in this post here.

Are you brave enough to rock blue eyeliner? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time
Nishu xx


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