Ecostore Normal Shampoo Review!

22 September 2014

This is part 2 of my virtual hair care series – Part 1 here. As I mentioned in my previous hair care post, I alternate between two shampoo's these days – Sorbet Damage Control Bar & the one being reviewed in this post – Ecostore Normal Shampoo.

Ecostore is a pioneer eco-friendly NZ brand. Since last 30 years, they've made everything from dishwashing liquids to nappy cleansers. They've recently forayed into personal care stuff with plant based soaps, lip balm, shampoo & all that jazz. What a commendable effort! Unlike other markets, NZ doesn't have that acute lack of natural brands but a more affordable range, offering a lot of choice to consumers is always a breath of fresh air.

Ecostore NZ gave away tonnes of free shampoo minis a few months ago. So, naturally me & Sunshine requested our samples. I ordered the dry & damaged hair type one & he went with the normal hair. My hair didn't agree with the dry & damaged one. May be they are not as bad as I perceive them to be. And then..lemme just give a shot to hubby's shampoo & Whoa!! Exact same results as my Sorbet Damage Control Bar. It's like Sorbet Bar in liquid form. I even went on to check the ingredients of both. How can the results be cloned? Needless to say I picked up the shampoo during my next grocery shopping trip to Countdown.
Rare very rare! I hardly ever long for a product after using its sample.

Ecostore Normal Shampoo is a plant based natural shampoo that actually works!

Lemme tell you how amazing it is!

- Makes my hair soft, shiny, healthy & manageable. Big ask! Tick
- I’ve been SLS free for a while now. Ecostore shampoo is SLS, paraben & nasties free. Win!
 ( SLS= Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
- It’s super gentle on hair. Only takes out what needs to be out. In other words, doesn't strip hair of good oils.
- Affordable for an all natural shampoo + lathers well. Bonus!
- I will go ahead & take the liberty of comparing it to The Body Shop Rainforest Shampoo Range. Actually it's even better than that . The Body Shop Rainforest Shampoo & Ecostore Normal Shampoo both look & smell the same. Clear with fruity/plant-y smell. But Ecostore one makes my hair better. So if you’re a fan of TBS range, give this a shot!
- No itchy scalp, No dandruff flare-up as yet. My hair are prone to these monsters.
- It’s environment friendly. Even the soapy water is biodegradable & can be recycled.
- Cruelty free, vegan

I find absolutely no con in this shampoo.
I’m hooked! I alternate between this & Sorbet Solid Bar as they both give similar results

Verdict: Buy! If you're after an affordable natural shampoo or a fan of The Body Shop Rain forest range or just in need of a gentle everyday hair cleanser, this is for you. It comes in 5 variants – Normal, Volumising, Dry/Damaged/Colored, Anti-dandruff & Gentle. I'm a fan of Normal one. Dry/Damaged hair type didn't agree on my hair. I'd love to try out the Volumising one next. Who doesn't love big oversize hair?

Price: $10.95 for 220ml (Often cheaper during store promotions)

Buy from: For NZ, Countdown Supermarkets throughout NZ.
For Australia-
They do not ship elsewhere :(

Whats your favorite shampoo? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Beautiful
Nishu xo


  1. I so wish it was available inIndia :( i was so tempted by your sorbet bar review.. and now this :( Have you also tried Loccitane ?

  2. Hey Purva.. I'm so sorry to make you sad! The Sobet guys ship internationally so if you're keen to shell out for that :p I haven't tried Loccitane yet but have heard rave reviews about that one! Do you use that?


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