The Fault In Our Stars!

25 September 2014

So I've just finished watching 'The Fault in Our Stars' & Oh my my! I just had to pen down my emotions. It's kinda therapeutic you know. I have to get this film out of my system coz i know... I just know it'll stay with me for a long time. Like 'Lootera' has stayed (a Bollywood movie). Some movies just touch you.... profoundly! So at the end of 2 hours & 13 minutes, you are a different person. Different in so many ways...

'Maybe 'okay' will be our 'always'
Hubby watched Godzilla on his comp/ DIY home theater upstairs. Me & girly flatmate went on to find fault in our stars downstairs. As soon as the movie ends, I sprint up the stairs, sans slippers, interrupt his roaring movie, hug him & cry for a good few minutes. He knows me.. no questions asked! I am pretty vocal with my emotions. I like to cry out loud. I love crying... It's my thing. 

What touched me...? I feel their cancer, their urgency, I feel their urge to grab onto every moment & paint a rainbow with it. Hazel Grace Lancaster & Augustus Waters were the epitome of love, understanding & an undying spark.. to die. The answers she goes looking for are beyond we mere mortals can comprehend. Life & Death are eternal but brutal truth. It's what we do with those moments we have. It's the courage that Hazel has... to smile through it all. To see death coming since she was a kid & hoping to find her answers... to not rest till she has her answers..
Hazel was special. Augustus was her spark.


Interruption in the chain of thoughts by parents wanting to talk on Skype. 
What do I plan to do now? May be another crying episode or pester hubby.. to watch it again.. with me! Or  watch 'Lootera'. It's a romantic movies kinda night. I'm very hopeless & not ashamed of that!

Hazel -There's a thing with your last good day. It's like your normal day but it takes you long to conclude, it was your last good day!! 

Hazel - I'm sad that its not enough for you that I love you & will always remember you!!

2 weeks later, back to my saner self.. I'm so glad I wrote those lines ^^. That did flush out the  movie from my system, though I wouldn't mind getting into it again. It was beautiful.. more than this word beautiful can embody! I can only imagine how amazing the book would be. Movies can never do justice to books. However, final thoughts... The movie/book aren't over-hyped for no reason. Go watch/read it!

Nail Paints Used:

1. ARTDECO Art Couture Nail Lacquer in '845 Couture Sky Blue' - 2 coats of it. Absolutely beautiful azurite blue shade. High Gloss. Low maintenance - $19 from Farmers NZ
2. OPI Top Matte Coat - Already a firm favorite. Turns everything into matte. That blue was so glossy.. One coat of this and Bamm! Available from OPI Stockists Worldwide
3. For white 'Ok' Cloud - Maybelline Color Show in '102 Porcelain Party' - Available worldwide
4. For black  'Ok' Cloud- Maybelline Color Show in '220 Blackout' - Available worldwide

I used the blunt side of toothpick to do the clouds and the pointy bit to write in the clouds. Total DIY!

Book readers would know this! Yup.. it was supposed to be 'OKAY' but I'm an amateur so a two digit OK was all I could fit in there :p

I did end up watching another romantic flick that night but that didn't quite match up to TFIOS charm. Made me cry nevertheless!

Have you watched 'The Fault in Our Stars' movie? Or read the book? Your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

Nish xo

P.S. Dedicating this post to a hopeless romantic friend of mine- Gagan! May you have some sense ;)
P.P.S For anyone wondering DIY= Do It Yourself! I knew you knew it :p
P.P.P.S Testing a new commenting system down there.. Pretty please leave a comment on this post! Testing mode on!

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