The Week Gone By-2

26 September 2014

I’m loving the whole spring vibe. It makes you active and we've been walking, more so to check people's gardens.

-It’s been 4 months since we moved into this new house. It's newly constructed, understandably the garden is a mess. There's knee high weeds of every color. Finally, work will resume on it coming week. I've been googling a lot of ‘sow & forget about’ plants. Need low maintenance stuff as we both have zero frickkin experience with gardening. It's a bit overwhelming. Where do we start?

I’m thinking of having raised bed of veggies. What are some low maintenance veggies for spring/summer?
The only good thing about our Garden right now! Pretty Lavender booming.
- The search for my makeup table was finally drawing close and right when I went to purchase this Ikea desk… OUT OF STOCK! I’m rather desperate for permanent makeup storage.
Ikea Micke Desk : Pic courtesy
 - The Music concert last Saturday was of legendary Punjabi Singer Gurdas Mann, supposedly his last performance in Auckland (Was marketed as such!) . I'm his die-hard fan so it was a beyond amazing night. Soulful singing at its peak! We danced a lot.

Memorabilia of a wonderful night! I save all the show tickets... don't ask me why!!
- I've received the newly launched Maybelline 'SuperStay Better Skin' Foundation that I won off their Facebook page. Here's the pic of it on my Instagram feedI'm pretty impressed with it so far. Expect a review soon.
-On movies side of things, this week wasn't eventful! Why? Sunshine has started another season of Japanese series 'Naruto'. Believe me when I say... he has watched over 100 episodes this week. 

How’s your week been? Any new challenges? What are your plans for the weekend?

Let me know in the comments below!

Catch u Monday! 

Nish xo

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