Sorbet Damage Control Solid Shampoo Bar Review!

11 September 2014

I’ve been asked to do a hair care post so many times.. consider this part of a virtual hair care series. You may have spotted my hair in posts such as this & this! Yeah... I like to use them as an accessory. I'm obsessed with them.

The wonderful green bar!
It baffles me why this solid shampoo bar hasn't been reviewed on the blog yet? I've even repurchased it.

Sorbet is a 100% solid skin and hair care company born and bred in NZ. The brand is all about sensational solid products. Why waste money on products that can have up to 90% water? They want you to add the water and believe in giving 100% of product matter. Can you imagine a solid conditioner, moisturizer & even a world first, solid tanning bar? Pretty amazing eh?

While it is quite ingenious & a great USP to sell a solid bar to a population that has only ever known liquid shampoo (Correct me if I'm wrong), it didn't quite cut it for me. What I was blown away was the amazing reviews these bars got!

After all, we ‘Indians’ have used ‘Kesh Nikhar’ for God knows how many decades. I don’t think there is a pre-90’s Indian kid who hasn't heard of or heck used that hair cleansing bar. For anyone thinking what the hell I'm on about? ‘Kesh Nikhar’ (literal translation-hair beautifier) is a dark grey (almost black) herbal  hair soap. My mum is still a fan & I admit using it in the 90’s when we had no say on what went on our body, let alone hair.
Geez!! That was a lot of blabber! Are you still with me?

Moving on, Sorbet Damage Control is shampoo bar designed to hydrate & nourish dry n damaged locks. Boy how beautifully it does that! I took this with me to my trip back home & even mum was a fan. Nothing, I say, nothing has ever worked on my hair so beautifully, EVER. It’s like finding your perfect foundation, you know the joy!! I know this will a repeat buy for years to come.

Why I love it?
- I have thick black Indian hair with dry ends. It tames them so good, making them so smooth n shiny n healthy
- This cleans hair like nobody’s business, all without drying or stripping them of moisture

- Doesn't weigh down hair
- I’m a coconut oil fanatic. It nourishes hair! Period

- SLS and parabens free
- I suffer from itchy scalp due to frequently occurring dandruff. All the while I've used it – no itchy scalp, no dandruff. I may have got dandruff when I stopped using this. Guess that zingy peppermint is working
- The Eco-goodness – 0% packaging. Water soluble paper (Magic!!). No waste

- Made with good stuff. Natural, Nasties free

- Cruelty free & ethical

- Price: I have to admit, when I first purchased it sometime mid last year, I was skeptical. $20 for a small shampoo bar was steep, but can you believe, that I’ve just fully finished my first bar (don’t even ask about the conditioner bar!! Still have half of it!). But it was an on & off use. Not regular. Say about once a week? The price is justified for the amount of uses you get out of it. One bar can easily last 6 months

- The Fragrance- Sunshine would be disappointed if this wasn't mentioned. This is like coconut and mint fudge (barfi). The bar smells so good that he couldn't resist once & had a bite. Eww.. I know! but how cute? It was bitter though. Point being it’s irresistible

Happily posing with the Wonderbar Conditioner!

Here’s comes the ‘Not-so-good’ (Isn't a biggie!)
- It’s not that travel friendly. The reason for my on & off usage last year was my 3-month trip back home. It would stay at mum’s place at all times (I got married!). You know when you go on a holiday, you’re out places. Because, the bar would get wet, I couldn't carry it with me all the time. Lemme clear the air, this doesn't dissolve like crazy, when out on shower shelf (think Dove soap) but still gets wet & takes some time to dry. May be that was bad planning on my part. I should have sourced a suitable soap dish. That aside, when in the comfort of my home.. . I wouldn't use any other stuff on my hair (there’s a recent find though…sharing it in another post..! I alternate between these two!)

Verdict: BUY!

I've already re-purchased it & would do so again. It’s Sunshine’s fav too, so there’s no stopping me on this green goodness. Damage control does what it says. Makes hair healthy & happy! I'm definitely keen to try more from their range.

Price: $22 NZD for 115 grams

Buy from: ships worldwide,

What’s your favorite shampoo? Do you have a firm favorite or like to experiment?

Talk soon!
Nishu xo


  1. I got a sample of this but I haven't used it yet - I still need to try it!

    1. You should Lena :) Its really up there! Its so lovely of them to give out samples though. Even I loved my heali kiwi sample.

  2. Hey,
    I never heard of bar shampoos before have totally convinced me to get this one.. :D

    1. Hey Purva! Glad I could convince you. Its pretty unique and works too :)


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