The Week Gone By! 1

19 September 2014

I'd love to write more often, so here's a new series on the blog- A summary of the week gone by, to be posted every Friday!

 How does that sound?
 Just a snippet of randomness that happened during the week.. like a weekly diary!

- I noticed a few grey hair hiding under my black mane. I'm scared the hair coloring days aren't far... probably only a year or 2 away. I've never colored my hair.
- The Saturday morning walk to Hunua Falls was a special one! Its a regional park close by and we'd never been there. About 3 years in Auckland now! Such a shame. The falls were beautiful.
Me and Sunshine love to walk... just walk.. carefree & hysterically laughing. Never thought I'll say this.. I've been loving weekend mornings.. the earlier the better. May be its the whole warm weather kicking in syndrome. I hate winters like anything. Hate is a strong word but I do feel strongly about winters.

- With the walks, sunscreen is back on the vanity shelf. I'm quite liking the Lakme 9 to 5 mattyfying sunscreen. Review coming soon.
- The Lipidol face cleansing oil is getting more love. Takes off that sunscreen well too.

- We watched many  movies this week (at home!). The only one that stands out was an oldie, The US Marshall. It was about a foiled US Marines conspiracy, somewhere around those lines!
Perks of marrying a movie buff....

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?
We have a dinner invitation and a live music concert to go to... More on that in the next update. It's an eventful weekend for a change! Might dress up too :) Stay in the loop through my Instagram!

See you Monday!
Nish xo


  1. i wish it had more pics of d beautiful place n u ... certainly d falls look beautiful... lukng frwd fr ur next post ... sply keen to hear abt d concert part :)

    1. Glad you loved it babes! The falls were breathtaking... I'm surely going back. and I'll PM you more pics :) Have a lovely weekend!

  2. wohhha such a beautiful location.. I too got a few grey strands and i am equally worried :( I went to try lakme suscreen but found the packaging so cheap that i doubted if it woud work . :P haha

    1. Thanks Purva! Looks like we are in the same boat with hair! It is actually scary. Best wishes hun xo
      And the Lakme sunscreen is actually pretty decent. I bought it ages ago but have just started using it. It does give a ghost white face but thats a given with sunscreens. I love how it's matte and not sticky at all. Give it a shot! Beware it's quite stark white though!


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