MAC Retro Matte 'All Fired Up' Review+Swatches+FOTD!

29 September 2014

How I have scoured countless airports & MAC stores in various cities… just for one lipstick... to hear one response 'OUT OF STOCK'! Before the onset of our 3 month holiday, I tried it on at a MAC store in Auckland when ‘Retro Matte Collection’ was just out. With all the wedding expenses… buying from India was a saner choice ($26 vs $40). Little did I know, Limited edition collections should be snapped the minute you lay your eyes on one.

Fast forward the holiday, 4 months later… this shows up in post! A wedding present from a dear friend. The best wedding present I told her & rightly so. I hardly ever go this crazy for a makeup item. OK! Utopia was another level though!

Described as ‘Bright Fuchsia Matte’ on MAC website, then a part of ‘MAC Retro Matte Collection’ and now a permanent fixture in MAC stores, ‘All Fired Up’ is everything but bright fuchsia. It’s more of a pinky red, a mildly cool toned red with hints of fuchsia.

My experience with ‘All Fired up’

- A beautiful deep reddish pink + a touch of fuchsia.
- Matte, but less matte than Ruby WooDoesn't tug lips. Adds no moisture but doesn't dry them either.
- Opaque in one swipe.
- Long wearing formula. Using a lip liner would seal the deal.
- Demands attention. Very eye-catching.
- The shade has a certain depth. It’s cool toned but doesn't look so. A universal color that would show up different on different skin tones. This is how it looks on me. The lip shots didn't come out very convincing.
- A good option for ladies who shy away from true red. This is bright but not your usual red lipstick. Pinky Red is definitely more wearable.
- Now a part of permanent collection. MAC actually listens!

- Matte texture is not everyone's cup of tea. It can be unforgiving on dry/chapped lips. I exfoliate & moisturize religiously so not a problem in my case. 
(FYI I’ll be posting my DIY lip scrub recipe next week)
Price: $40 NZD (Cheaper in other countries)
Buy from: MAC counters worldwide.

Would you rather don a classic red or a fun pinky red? Whats your pick? Let me know in the comments below.

Shout out to Neha S. for this beautiful wedding present :) I love it!

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