DIY Lip Scrub Recipe!

6 October 2014

I've mentioned lip exfoliation in so many lipstick posts, it’s time I post this trusted 2 minute lip scrub recipe that I use.
If you are a fan of matte lipsticks… you know how important exfoliating your lips is. Nothing worse than lipstick clinging to dry patches and the peeling off dead skin. Just the thought of it makes me cringe!

My lipstick routine is as follows-

Scrub lips (Usually at night, be super gentle) 
→ lip balm/ Lip Primer → wipe excess lip balm → lip liner (same or lighter shade) → lipstick/stain with brush or straight from tube → Blot (about 2 times) → Re-apply Lipstick  Done!
It does seem quite a chore isn't it? This is my fool proof routine for matte lipsticks, like the unforgiving Lime Crime Velvetines. For the friendly forgiving ones, it's usually a bit of lip primer and lipstick straight from the tube. I'll be reviewing my favorite Lip Primers in coming weeks. 
The Lip Scrub Recipe:
You need – Caster sugar, 100% Pure Jojoba oil (or any preferred oil, the purer the better)

That’s it! To make it fancy I've added a drop of Rose Essential Oil. It gives a beautiful floral twist to it. Can totally do without it though!

It's the first time I've made a big batch of this to test storage. It's been two weeks today and the lip scrub tastes and smells the same, even while lying on my bathroom shelf. I'd recommend storing it in fridge during warmer months. 
I’ll be honest. I make up this scrub on my palm. Just the amount I need.
¼ tea spoon of sugar & few drops of Jojoba oil to wet it for single use. 

Scrub it on lips, gently. Don’t overdo as it can peel your lips. 

Just once or twice a week should suffice. Anymore may hurt lips.

Wash with warm water & follow with a good natural lip balmDone!

The oil leaves a a tingly sensation and a lovely moisturized feel.
Now you are ready to tackle any matte lipstick!  Even the driest of all, MAC Ruby Woo!

Do you scrub your lips? What do you use? Let me know in the comments below!


Nishu xx

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