What would a beauty blogger have on her nails....at her own wedding?

8 October 2014

Take a guess? A hot red? Or perhaps a gold? The Classic Indian wedding shades!
Or maybe a full blown nail art
Or NOTHING??  What!!!

Get married & you’ll know how crazy the day is. Crazy isn't even the right word. Chaos might be it.

We reached India more than a month before wedding day. So many preps…yet a nail paint fiasco! I never saw this coming.

I did hire one of the best MUA's available then. I think we had an understanding about what needed to be taken care of that dreaded morning! Yet there was no nail paint, my fake eyelash kept coming off & my dupatta (the heavy veil) just wouldn't behave. I don't like to name & shame publicly but it was a major disappointment!

When do I realize my bare nails? In the car...on the way to our religious ceremony venue, about 4 minutes away!
I’m like oh f**k it! I'll do without it & then the whole ‘You’ll remember this day for life’ ‘Your future grandchildren will look at these pics’ thought process kicked in. Adding salt to the wound 'the photographers will take those obligatory shots when he holds my hand or when I move that strand of hair off my face". Sounds familiar? You bet… clichéd bridal pictures!

And I panic!! I need to have a nail paint on my nails RIGHT NOW!
My poor friend & sister start trolling their bags. Here... here's an orange one! Friend says
Huh!! I won't even mind a black…just put it on NOW!
A minute away from the venue, my sister is frantically trying to hold it all in. Putting it on! There's no room for mistake- The clothes are precious, time's scarce and a nail paint remover is a thing of heavens.

Car stops at the venue. Guests peeking in!
"The bride's here"
And sister just started painting in my second hand. Mum's rather pissed why it took us all morning to get ready & I get off the car. I think we got all the nails covered. Honestly, I don't even remember. For the sake of this post, I zoomed in on my nails in some of the wedding photos & I see a orange. So maybe we did manage to paint them all.

What I’d rather have on my nails that day? Red n gold! I've always wanted to have red n gold for my wedding.

Nail Paints used:

Maybelline Color Show in '215 Keep Up the Flame' a beautiful warm red, super glossy and bright. 
OPI Honey Ryder – My favorite gold, in sand finish, stays on forever, was part of The Bond Girl Collection.

I put 2 coats of red on. Cut  triangles out of cello tape. Arranged the triangle on each nail & then topped it up with gold nail paint. When Honey Ryder dried a bit, took off the tape & there you have it. Easy wedding nails!

Now if you can find the time to do this before D-day?

Whats your idea of wedding nails? Any dream Mani? Share with us in the comments below!

Nishu xx

 P.S. Irony! All 3 of us had the same nail paint on that day! May be more than 3. Vanu did you have that orange nail paint on as well? What was the brand Gagan? I owe you for that day! What would you like? An OPI?
And my poor sister… You deserve an OPI Collection babe  For now, I dedicate this post to you!

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