The Week Gone By! 6

27 October 2014

I missed my Friday post. Sorry :( You know Diwali n all. I focused all my energy on celebrating it, writing had to wait. Its the best month of the year I reckon. There's festivity & joy in the air. Though nothing like India but still so much fun.

Diwali is all about shopping and gifts. This year I gifted myself a makeup desk. Did you catch all the live action on our Facebook page when me and Sunshine were trying to assemble it? It was a mission. Took us a whole evening that thing. Anyways, it's ready now. There's still lots I want to do on it but for now this is how it looks- My Ikea Micke desk. I'd love to add more jars, pretty decor and some drawer organizing stuff from Daiso. It's a work in progress!

Last Sunday, I also went to a Bloggers event at Tuihana Cafe, Auckland. A very first for me! Needless to say, I was both nervous & excited. #Bloggersbrunchclub, now known as #brunchclub is exactly what the name suggests- Bloggers get together, eat and talk. It was quite an experience for me. Bloggers updating their social media channels with live updates of the event, selfies and food pics. As soon as a plate would arrive, people jumped to catch it on their Instagram feed & all this was perfectly normal/ accepted behavior. It felt so odd, I definitely have a long way to go!

My social skills were highly questionable too. Ability to small talk was at an all time low.
I did have a good think about this while driving back home. Was it my shyness? My lack of social skills? Disinterest maybe? or a racial barrier? Why did I find it harder to connect to the same people I'm all chatty about in front of my computer screen? Maybe social media actually makes us anti-social?

Or I'm just being over critical. C'mon Nishu it was only your first time!

Oh well! The good bit about it- Goodie Bag! It was fab. That cold brew coffee is yum and the fairy lights are already gracing my makeup desk. Mrs Roger seasoning was so good on potato wedges. True hand cream is divine. I'll be trying that Green tea soon as well.
Remember I said I'd love to try Ecostore's Volumising Shampoo next? Look what I got! So cool. All in all so worth it!

We also went to Manukau Diwali Festival on Sunday night. Dharmendra, the macho man of Bollywood, looked old n frail but still has that roar in his voice. The crowd was much more rowdier than last week's festival. I prefer city's Diwali event. I guess the crowd can make or break an event.

Thursday was THE Diwali day. I dressed up in Indian outfit after ages and did a smoky eye too. Should I do a Diwali outfit & Makeup post? Lemme know!
We spent the good part of celebrations at Takanini Sikh Temple. It was definitely a great catch up evening with friends n family. The fireworks were the loudest ever and so so crazy. I did post some videos from that night on our Instagram & Facebook page. Every moment of the day was pure joy!

How was your Diwali? Did you dress up? Let me know in the comments below.

Nishu xx

* Picture courtesy #brunchclub

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