The Week Gone By! 3

3 October 2014

Can you believe its October already!! Just two more months to 2015... Its quite surreal &  for the life of me I can't accept that we've been married for 8 months today! Time's cruel.

Originally started to boost a personal connection between blog & readers, I've actually appreciated these posts a lot more. I notice moments, people & things that can be turned into blog content so its been better for my soul. An awakening!
You are always welcome to share this journey with me... every Friday.

For the weekend we had plans for a long walk at Hunua Falls again , this time with friends but it got cancelled, abruptly. We got up early so ended up going to 'Auckland Botanic Gardens' instead.
Hidden Agenda: I wanted Rosehip buds for my Trilogy Rosehip Oil review, which will be up coming week. But the day had so much in store for us, little did we know.

The weather was beautiful. Spring is no doubt the best season to visit Auckland. We roamed about looking for Rosehips but only found a few. The flowers are actually in budding stage so we were too late. I've been to Botanic gardens so many times but we were delighted to find some parts of it still undiscovered which made the trip delightful. As mentioned in last post, I was more keen on 'what to plant in our garden' ideas & we found plenty there.

Its pretty on the front too :p
I was honestly on some high that day. Happy & chatty. A brief stop at the lake by the cactus area, a lone elderly man was gazing at ducks. He overheard me & Sunshine talking in our mother tongue-
"Are you Punjabi?"
"Oh! The sweet language... you always feel the warmth of it from miles away". I'm from Punjab too...Lahore... the other Punjab.

Yup! He was a Pakistani Punjabi.
For those who don't know- In 1947, when British left India, the Indian state I belong to, Punjab, was divided into Indian side & Pakistan. I've practically lived 40 kms away from the most dangerous border, all my life. We have same language, food & mannerisms, but we are different. Partition was the most gruesome & bloody time in Indian history.

So, we had a good warm chat about your Punjab & our Punjab! Gotta say... I'll never forget that old man. Its surreal! Our waterfalls trip cancels... we roam garden in random ways... I insist on stopping over the lake... and a lone man is sitting there... almost like waiting for us! Thinking of that very moment gives me shudders. Was he there just for us two? Is there really a God? Who planned our life so meticulously?

On finishing our walk, I decided to bring our DSLR from the car so I can at-least have a few pics for this post. I couldn't be bothered carrying it around my neck during the walk. Too many distractions. Such pretty blooms!
As I'm heading back towards garden... I see this group doing a slow motion flash mob! I drag Sunshine. Drag is actually the appropriate word! What are these people doing? Robotic dance in the open? We stand there & watch these 20 odd people of various nationalities & all ages... some of them old, like real old... swaying with Chinese music. Wow!! I go & ask one & she tells me we are doing 'Tai Chi' & have been doing this for 15 years...every Saturday morning, 9.30 a.m, 15 years!!!

As I'm transfixed on them, a private exhibition opens its door at 10 a.m.
The curious me - "Can anyone come in?"
Yes Yes!!
What's in it?
'The National Orchid Exhibition'

Another delight!

Do you know there are orchid groups/societies of hobbyists who grow rare/exotic orchid flowers that are judged. Like literally there were judges with pen n paper, noting down flora n fauna. 1000's of flowers. I clicked so many & have even decided on getting one printed for home.

We roam there till our tummies start growling.

I'll always remember this morning full of beautiful surprises. Great to have it documented here!

Yesterday I did my quickest blog posts ever. makeup... bushy brows... a quick happy 5 minute lipstick shoot. I usually take hours to plan & execute a photo shoot- makeup, accessories, pose, background et al but this was impromptu! 5 minutes!! I can't wait to post this review. You'll see the real me.

We are planning to watch 'Haider' this weekend. A Bollywood movie inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet. Its been ages since we had a actual movie date! Not the movie marathons we have every week in our spare room!

Sunshine has never patted a dog. This guy was his first! Was at the orchid show. He said it felt very soft. He did wash his hands later. Pheww!

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?

Catch you next week.
Nishu xo

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