Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil Review!

7 October 2014

The winner of countless beauty awards & a hot favorite of celebrities...even the ones beyond our shores...'Trilogy Rosehip Oil' is finally on the blog!

Remember I mentioned visiting Auckland Botanical Gardens to collect Rosehips? It was for this particular post.

This is a sample bottle.
I once had a full bottle of it... late last year. Figured it'll be a perfect companion to my Indian holiday cum wedding.

Day 1- New years eve 2013
New year = New skin!
Bamm!! I drop the bottle... and my heart just sank. I posted the wreckage on Instagram.

Been back to NZ since ages and forgot all about buying another one. Until last month when Trilogy did a massive #Sharethemagic campaign. They gave away 10 mini samples to share with family & friends. Cute 2.5 ml bottles! Now I did share a few around (I swear!) but kept some of these adorable mini dropper bottles for myself too. I've been using this Rosehip Oil religiously every night since then & have noticed a difference.

Here's my Experience with this much acclaimed oil -
Rosehip Oil is extracted from the seeds in the rose buds. The oil is known for its antioxidant properties- Rich in Omega 3,6 & 9. These essential fatty acids can bring life back to dry & dehydrated skin and are scientifically proven to reduce scars & stretch marks.

- The oil is a golden yellow liquid with a slight natural smell. Nothing overpowering.
- The oil spreads easily. You only need 2-3 drops for the entire face.
- It's very hydrating.
- I've used it every night this whole month & I'm pretty pleased with it. Could it be this? I've not had a single pimple on my face last month. My skin is not acne-prone but every once in a while I'd get this big red stubborn painful one! I certainly don't miss them.
- Its suitable for all skin types. Mine's dry so understandably it drinks up. Sunshine has combo/oily skin and he doesn't mind it either.

- It can be used morning & night, but with my 5 minute makeup routine every morning I have no time to wait in between moisturizer & BB cream. So night it is for me!
Though on the weekends I have it on all day & then go on to do an unplanned makeup review without any qualms. Makeup doesn't slide & foundation looks lovely. No dry patches.
- I can say this with certainty that my eyelashes have grown heaps with it. I apply it all over face, including eyes, eyebrows, lashes every night. This has definitely been a blessing in disguise.
- My skin is also more even. I step out of house for errands with just this on. It has relieved me of my dependence on Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.

- Rosehip Oil is a fast healer. I tried it on my flu + tissue battered nose & it was healed next morning.
- I've had no dry skin episodes in the last month.
- My freckles/sun spots seem to have lightened & many of the old acne marks are nowhere to be seen. This is quite a subjective observation though.
- Rosehip oil is anti-aging so this is one routine I'm happy to continue. Its fuss free & good for you. With 80% + antioxidant content, its actually a very potent serum.

Verdict: Trilogy Rosehip Oil is wonder in a bottle. No doubt a celeb favorite! Its an excellent moisturizer + night cream + anti-aging serum + Stretch marks fade-r + dark spots corrector in one. It works slowly but gets there eventually. At 100% Natural + Certified Organic, there's nothing to lose. Is it?

If you can afford it, Buy it! If you go with a generic brand (Google!), make sure it's cold pressed, natural and 100% Rosehip Oil.

Price: $23.90 for 20 ml, $39.90 for 45 ml (NZD)

Buy it From: ships worldwide. Free shipping to NZ, Australia, UK and Ireland. For rest of the world the shipping charges are weight-based, maximum being $10 USD.
The website also has a list of stockists in 22 countries.

Trilogy Products are also available in various pharmacies throughout NZ. Hit the website to find out your nearest stockist.

Are you into oil based Skincare? Let me know in the comments below :)

Take care!
Nishu xx

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