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30 October 2014

Ankita from Corallista got married in December 2013. I was getting married in February 2014. This was one product she included in her wedding makeup kit and so did I! As soon as I hit India, this and Ruby Woo Lipstick were the very first buys.

MAC Prep + Prime is a primer for lips. Is it worth the moolah? Here's my experience!

- In-cased in a sleek black bullet pen is a white chap-stick type product.
- That glides smoothly & goes on transparent.
- Has vanilla scent & no taste.
- Feels a bit heavy on lips once applied, later sets to a waxy coating.
- Forms a barrier on lips, whilst hydrating them, filling ridges & unevenness.
- Lipstick then glides smoothly & matte lipsticks become your bffs.
- I bought Ruby Woo well aware of its super drying nature, piling all my hopes on this primer & it didn't disappoint. I've not had Ruby Woo dry out my lips even once. Needless to say, this is a staple in my lipstick routine.

- Best applied before putting on a full face of makeup. I usually go-  face primer, eye primer & then lip primer. So basically about 10-15 minutes before putting on lipstick.
- It doesn't intensify lipstick color or anything but definitely prolongs wear-time.
- The barrier it forms prevents lip staining too so dark lipsticks leave you quick.
- I've often used it as a heavy duty lip balm when my lips aren't behaving well. Applied at night, it acts as a barrier against moisture loss while repairing chapped lips. In other words, a lip balm in emergency. It'll still be there on your lips when you get up next morning.

Verdict: If you have perfectly healthy lips, MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base is a luxury product for sure!
If matte lipsticks scare you, leave you with sore dehydrated lips, this is your savior. The castor oil in it hydrates you, the silicones form a barrier to moisture loss. Lipstick glides smoothly, stays longer, doesn't go patchy and no stained lips when you get up the next morning! What's not to love?

Price: Rs. 1050 (India), $38 NZD

Buy From: MAC Stores worldwide


Have you ever tried a lip primer? Would it be something you are keen on? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay pretty xx

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