October 2014 Empties!

3 November 2014

Here's what all I managed to throw off my shelves this month. Pretty fancy eh?

And here's a mini review & my experience of them -

1. The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Shampoo: To be honest I'm a bit undecided about this one. At one point I hated it and then started using it again last month and kinda liked it. It used to make my hair greasy (Olive oil complex!!) but made them all nice and shiny last month. Either way, it smells, tastes (not literally) & behaves the same way as my Ecostore normal shampoo, which is less than half the price, so this is definitely in 'Do not repurchase' category.

2. The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Conditioner: It works good with the Rainforest shampoo, isn't overly thick, spreads nicely and leaves hair softer. But if the shampoo isn't a repurchase, this ain't either.

3. Lipidol After Shower Oil: Already reviewed here. Lipidol is a new oil based skincare range from makers of Bio Oil. After-Shower oil is more of a heavy duty oily body moisturizer. It spreads easily & absorbs in about 10 minutes. In my opinion, it'll work best for normal to dry skin & during colder months as its quite heavy. Nevertheless, I won't mind purchasing it next winters.

4. FabIndia Rose Facial Water: The rate at which I consume Rosewater is pretty alarming. Wasn't there one in last empties as well? Here found it!
My favorite is Forest Essentials Rosewater Toner but that one is an expensive affair. FabIndia's version is 100% pure distillate of rose petals at one third of the price. So this was a no-brainer.
Rose Water distillate is known to be the best natural toner. It's supposed to keep your skin healthy and nourished. I can't vouch for any miracles as toners are already a wishy wooshy territory, but I do love a good spritz of them after my evening cleanse. It prevents my skin from over drying. This will be a repurchase.

5. The Body Shop Vit E Oil: A lot of TBS on the blog lately. Isn't it?
This is another natural Facial Oil made of 100% wheatgerm oil. I used it extensively during my trip to India as it was freezing there in December.
This definitely hydrated my skin and kept it in good shape for my wedding. I used it every night religiously as all over facial moisturizer.
Now, I have used 100% Vit E oil from other brands before! They are gloopy, sticky and take about an year to absorb. This one was unlike any I've tried before. It's thin, not at all sticky and absorbs in about 20 minutes or so. Its definitely made for dry skin & I won't mind buying it again during winters. Now only if I can convince myself to part from Trilogy's Rosehip Oil.

6. Skinfood Lip BalmIt's quite a possibility that I like anything that Skinfood makes! (Check out these reviews for Cleans All Cleanser, Skinfood Soaps & Mud Masque).
There's not a lot you can say about a lip balm except that it works. This has a fresh citrus-y fragrance, goes on transparent, feels light & hydrates lips. I didn't have to reapply it throughout my 8 hours at work.
Best bit: 100% natural, Paraben free, NZ made.
Repurchase? Maybe, if I can sort out the plethora of lip balms I currently own!

7. ELF Eyelid Primer in 'Sheer': This one was a dud!
Its skin toned but goes on sheer and made my eyeshadow application crease! For a few bucks it costs, I won't say much about it. Not buying it again for sure. I've instead put my money in ELF's mineral eye primer.

8. Clinique quickliner for eyes in '07 Really Black': This is my umpteenth purchase of Quickliner, for one primary reason - Until last year, this was the only eyeliner that didn't irritate my eyes. Everything else from my trusty Revlon Colorstay to L'Oreal failed me during my sensitive eye phase that lasted well over 3 years (Imagine!). Before I stumped into this one, I avoided eyeliner for a complete year as all of them gave me red, watery eyes and a nasty headache. Nothing seemed to work! So, I have a certain respect & loyalty for this product. I buy it from StrawberryNet at a price cheaper than Revlon's so no gripes there!
However, it does slide off the waterline after a couple of hours.
Anyways, If you've been fed up of your sensitive eyes, give this a try. I know the feeling all too well. Nothing better than a product that answers your prayers!

Update: I have since been able to get back to other eyeliners, though I'm quite wary to venture out too far. Lakme's Eyeconic is working really well these days. (Knocks wood! literally)

That's all for October. Look out for the November one's next month! Did you finish any products last month? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Movember! Should we grow our mustaches too?
Nishu xx

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