iHerb Haul- Nov 2014

14 November 2014

If you haven't discovered iherb.com yet, you're seriously missing out on a gem of online shopping world. With everything from cosmetics to health supplements to exotic clays, this website has all that you could possibly want. Ships from US and you can get your stuff in NZ for a mere $4 (International Airmail, No tracking, takes 1-4 weeks) or $8 for super quick shipping (DHL Express, Track n Trace, delivery within 2-4 working days).

I've shopped from them before & again did last month - A combined order with my flatmate so we shared the shipping costs + $10 off that newbies get as it was her first order (Enter my Rewards code- PGF661 for $$ off).
I've included my flatmate's items as well in the post to show you the vast range of products they stock.

Here's what we ordered with their prices (All prices in USD)-

1. Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set ($18.00)- This is the 3rd core set I've ordered off iHerb. One for myself last year, then in January for my sister while in India & now for my flatmate who's just starting on makeup (Can I call myself an inspiration?). Its a great starter set at a great price. Brushes never shed, always soft & blend a dream.

2. EcoTools Six piece Essential Eye Set ($7.99)- I have these myself & can't recommend them enough. Though its a travel size pack, these eco-friendly bamboo brushes give bigger brands a run for their money, so soft & gseriously good. This completes my flatmates brush collection (for now that is!).

3. Elf Cosmetics Blush in 'Candid Coral' ($3.00)- She's just starting on makeup and Elf brushes are so good for the price. A no-brainer really. Candid Coral is a nice peachy shade with decent pigmentation.

4. Elf Shimmering Facial Whip in 'Golden Peach' ($1.99) - I've heard a lot about Elf's version of liquid highlighter so for $2 have nothing to loose. Do I?

5. Elf Mineral Foundation SPF 15 in 'Golden Honey' ($5.00) - Flatmate wanted a nice setting powder with a good price tag. This fitted the bill. We have yet to see how it performs. Hell we don't even know if it's the right shade!

6. Health Support Coconut Oil ($16.20 for 31oz) - For $20 NZD a kg of 100% pure Organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil that smells absolutely divine! I'm so ordering more of this. Thinking of doing a post about how I use my coconut oil for beauty & non-beauty purposes. What say?

7. Mane 'n Tail Herbal Gro Shampoo & Conditioner ($4.11 for 355ml each)- The chicks at MUO were all gaga about it. With my eternal desire to grow waist length hair, I'm way more excited for them. This is apparently a cult product, originally made for horses & then humans. Has herbal growth ingredients! Cheaper than most drugstore shampoos in NZ, so worth it right?

8. EcoTools Pure Complexion Deep Cleansing Sponge ($5.99 each) - Another Rage! A 100% natural facial sponge. Konjac is a root of potato like plant rich in minerals, beneficial for skin & so good for massage. Rock solid when dry, puffs & softens when wet. Both of us ordered one each!

9. Cococare 100% Natural Argan Oil ($5.34 for 60ml) - This was a recommendation by Lena from Lena Talks Beauty. Argan Oil was all over the place last year. With most brands selling silicon laden products with traces of this magic oil, its a relief to find 100% Argan oil so cheap. Thank you Lena! Review to follow!

10. Life Flo Health Pure Rosehip Seed Oil ($5.28 for 30ml) - Me & flatmate are obsessed with Trilogy's Rosehip Oil. With both of us broke, we've decided to try out this 99% Pure Rosehip oil (1% Tocopherol aka Vit E aka a natural preservative). For $5, a 99% Pure Rosehip Oil is actually a pretty good value for money. I'll report back how it compares to the original 100% pure Trilogy Rosehip Oil ($24 for 20ml). This is bound to be interesting.

11. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque ($3.90 for 227g) - This masque is a hot favorite of the oily skinned. I literally forced flatmate to order one for herself (I have dry skin) and then tried it on myself the day it arrived. Of corse I had to find out what all the fuss was about? This took out a crazy amount of oil from my pores & of corse I had to top up my skin with an extra serving of Rosehip oil that night. Loved the minty aroma & sensation though. My pic trying it on here.

12. Nelson Bach USA Arnica Cream ($5.70 for 30g) - Due to our current exercise regime both me & Sunshine are often dead with muscle pulls, sprains & aches. I've wanted an Arnica cream for so long and this was cheaper than at any store in NZ. So a nice addition to our first aid kit.

13. ELF Makeup Removal Cleansing Cloths ($3.00) - 20 in a pack! These are my fav. I'm traveling soon and can't be bothered to carry makeup remover bottles & cotton pads along. I used them on my last holiday & they were so perfect for both face & eyes. This is one thoughtful purchase... Isn't it?

Pffff... That's it!

All up USD $95.60

iHerb gives $10 discount to new customers... So $85.60 and a further 10% discount on orders more than $60 (usually 5%, we just got lucky that night).

So with $8 shipping (the super fast DHL one!)... All up $85 USD for this whole lot of products. How crazy is that?

Did you like our order? Anything in there that interests you? Will you give iherb.com a shot?


P.S. Orders to India from iherb.com get stung from customs quite often. My sister & many others have had to pay a lot for getting their order. I've never had that trouble in NZ (knocks wood). You've been warned!

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