KIRI Organics Natural Tanning Cream Review!

7 November 2014

Now Fake-Tanning to me is like learning German. I don't need that knowledge so why bother right? Being an Indian and already blessed with brown skin, this is one less thing on my beauty regimen chart!
Well don't even get me started on the one's we have to endure (Hair everywhere!!).

So when I was sent this KIRI Organics Gradual Tan by their PR company, the not-so-proactive me got back to them the very minute the product came in my mail box.
"Sorry I'd not be able to review something I can't use myself!"
Fair enough they said!

And then it occurred to about passing it on to a super pale girlfriend? My Inspiration, the ever so kind, the gym junkie/trainer, the Serbian beauty.. Irena!
Honestly, I couldn't believe someone took me seriously when she sent through this review the other day.

So here's her unedited version that I'm posting today. I think she did a fab job!

I feel enlightened to know the art of a self-tanner application. Hope you do too!


The Cream has strong herbal smell.
The color is a nice brown, not orange. I was very pleased with it.
I did not notice any tan left on clothes after the tan was applied. Even after being at the gym and sweating!

Some of the Active Ingredients:
- Avacado Oil: Gentle, hydrating, nourishing and protects skin from sun.
- Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile): For calming and soothing the skin.
- Kawakawa Extract: Native NZ plant used for centuries to heal wounds on skin.
- Elderflower Extract: Full of Bioflavinoids, antioxidants, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

The Product is Certified Organic. This is the highest certification, meaning all the ingredients used are 100% pure. That means no weird additives, chemicals or sprays used for growing plants and vegetables that are gathered for this product. It is also environment friendly :)

I noticed NO pimples from the tanning, which sometimes tends to happen if the product is of no good quality. The active ingredients of this product are so healthy and good, I would love to use it for daily nourishment of the skin, if it didn't tan me of course. hehe...

1. Shower and Exfoliate

2. The Art of Applictaion...
It is best applied at night before you go to bed since it takes 8 hours to process. Wear darker and loose clothes in bed (g-string, loose t-shirt etc.)
When you apply the cream, it is thick and it's great for spreading on the skin. I start with legs and move up. Make sure you cover the whole area of the body where you want the tan applied. Keep rubbing into the skin until fully absorbed (not spreading as a paste anymore). Be aware of this otherwise you will be left with random dark patches or stripes like I did!

Warning: Wear tanning gloves! And then apply a bit on your hands at the end. Do not just wash your hands as directed, you will tan up to your wrists and this will just look weird!

3. Shower and Moisturize
After processing it will dry up and start smelling like any other tanning cream. This is why I recommend having a shower when you get up. The smell will last for further 24hrs.
I've tried shaving and even slight scrubbing. It doesn't play around with tanning too much. 
It took about a week before my second full body application
You could probably use the cream 4 to 5 times before you run out. On the second application I put the cream on my face. It looked great and natural

Price: $29.95 NZD for 150 ml

Buy from: Available at or call 0800 82 75 82 for your nearest stockist


Job well done Irena! I'd be quite keen to see those random stripes?

What do you guys think, the girl nailed the review right? A better job than me I reckon! 

So, Are any of you into self-tanning? Tell us your favorite brand in the comments below!

Have a lovely weekend!
Nishu xx

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