Owl Nail Art! Featuring Revlon Parfumerie in 'Italian leather' & 'Orange Blossom'

23 November 2014

If there's one habit of mine that can be touted as a full blown obsession, its the OWLS. I'm crazy about everything owls. My whole family knows about it. Sunshine is quick to tag me in anything owl like in any store we go to! I have owl pen stand, candles, t-shirt, wall hanging, soap dispenser, tooth brush holder & what not! As we speak, there's a custom phone cover in owl design doing rounds in my head.

So, naturally, this nail art has been on my mind since months. I mean look at it... Isn't it cuteness personified? It's like the owl's talking to me! (I always say that!!)

With my current  fitness phase... that includes swimming 3 times a week, my nails are a hot mess. So please excuse the unkempt look. I can't help it! Does swimming give you nail splinters too?

Anyways, moving on! The nail paints used in the nail art are:

1. OPI Natural Nail base coat - It's a new addition to my collection (Hauled here). Dark nail paints often stain my nails & this will be my savior from now on. Its very thin, spreads easily & dries super quick too. Recommended!

2. Revlon Parfumerie in '130 Italian leather' - I bought these from the famous Big Bucket deals in Auckland last month. $9 each! Though they retail for a much higher price in stores.
Reasons to buy- a) The bottle, by far the prettiest in my collection.
b) The Smell - its the new perfume range. Every color smells different. The perfume lasts for 3-4 days.

Italian leather is a greenish grey with very fine muted gold shimmer. A really pretty shade, smells fruity.

3. Revlon Parfumerie in '085 Orange blossom' - Smells a different kind of fruity. Opaque in one coat. Bright deep orange (look at my owls nose!).

4. Maybelline Color Show in '102 Porcelain Party' - Already used in heaps of nail art on blog. Its a decent clean white (used for owl eyes).

5. Maybelline Color Show in 'Blackout 220' - Great for the price! A dark, even, opaque, true black (for owl eyes).

6. Mavala Nail Color Cream in '161 Moon Grey' - Used for owls body. Mavala does great neutrals & this one is no different. Moon Grey came out with their 'Select Collection' few months ago.

Tools used - A super fine brush. I used the one that came in a cheap nail art brush set from eBay. You could use a spare eyeliner brush. Also, used a tool that creates even circles (would someone know what's it called!). Again a part of cheap nail art tool set off eBay. You could use the blunt end of toothpick. Works equally good!

So, how's my owl? Is he cute or what? Leave him a line in the comments below.

Nish xx

P.S. I'm in India for a mini vacation! 2.5 weeks is a mini when it comes to a visit home. Its for my best friends wedding. Remember I mentioned it here

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