The Week Gone By! 4

10 October 2014

And before you know it, its Friday again. Not that I'm complaining about it!

- On the blog this week, we made a yummy DIY lip scrub & slathered on the celeb favorite power oil- Trilogy's Rosehip Oil. We also had a bit of giggle at my wedding nail fiasco. Please feel free to laugh out loud (LOL) at my expense!

- Me and Sunshine watched a Bollywood movie 'Haider' on the weekend. Its a pretty intense movie.  Count me in for anything that starts with 'based on true events'- My favorite category.

- It was also my flatmate's birthday on the weekend so we prepared a few Indian snacks at home & indulged in chocolate cake! Yum..

The liberal use of a thing called 'Pakora Masala' had us all visit the toilet more often than usual :p
- Auckland saw another one of those Big Bucket Cosmetics sale event and I surely spent some $$ there! Haul photo on my Instagram feed. Finally a proud owner of EOS lip balms. How cute are they? Review soon!

- Monday started with a bang & it has changed the course of my rest of the year.
Checked Whatsapp first thing in the morning (should stop doing that!) & bamm!! my BFF is getting married first week December. I can't put my confusion in words so won't attempt. To go or not to go! Having already spent 1/4th of this year in India, I certainly can't manage + afford another trip! But how can I not be there on her special day? We've waited too long for this. I'm a generally content person but this has left me feeling a tad uneasy about not being super rich.

5 days later... I'm still confused as ever. I look at ticket prices and I stare at my bank balance. Anyone got any spare cash lying around?

- Well, one thing's for sure. My online shopping is going to be on an indefinite ban. I actually spent quite a bit on makeup last month. The Big bucket sale,, MUA, Sleek Makeup and eBay had me on the edge. So looking forward to the mailman now! Haul posts coming as soon as the packages start arriving at my doorstep.

What's your online shopping status??

You are awesome for reaching down this far! How about acknowledging your presence by commenting below. They are such a mood booster, I swear!

Enjoy the weekend!
Nish xx

P.S. Diwali Festival in the city tomorrow. What to wear? Makeup? Lipstick? All about it next week #Excited

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