37 Weeks Pregnant and I got my Covid Vaccine

27 June 2022


What a surreal moment! Definitely, the one to remember. This time last year.. covid vaccine was a far-fetched dream. Half the world was in lockdown. In the last few months of 2020, vaccine news took over the world. I researched manufacturers, safety data, distribution, etc. It truly felt like our only saving grace at the time. Still is, to be honest! So getting my first shot was heartwarming and emotional. A testament to what the human spirit can achieve in record times when in crisis.

I also had no qualms about getting it. I got Pfizer BioNTech. The best of the bunch with heaps of data advocating it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. I’m just a wee bit guttered that Aiza is fully weaned off now. I’d have loved to pass on some of the antibodies to her, as I’m passing them on to my unborn child.

My second dose is due 2 days before the baby. If I’m able to take it and my milk comes out with baby, I’m going to try offering some to Aiza, fully aware that this could trigger tandem feeding. A nightmare for me but Covid is a bigger menace in my books. Anything for that immunity for my child.

How do I feel after my first dose? Asked my mum as she saw my Instagram story. Hmmm fine. Just a sore arm. Because my body is already so broken and worn down lately that I know no different. This third trimester and the last couple of weeks have been a painful blur. What was once a nightly diaphragm ache after a hard day at work, it’s an all-day-everyday thing. So I’m used to a broken uncomfortable body. I don’t remember being this broken in my last pregnancy though.

I have started preparatory labor exercises now, hoping I won’t be this broken postpartum! And one day I’d like to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. The lack of clothes has started bugging me but I’m sticking with my rule of no maternity buys. Just 3 more weeks! Winters make it worse. Glad I’m in Auckland and not the South Island of NZ. It would have been impossible to survive in summer dresses and maxis as no pants fit me anymore.

My to-do list is still long, but lately, I’ve made peace with it. I’m kind of wrapping up things and preparing for a list-free last few days as a single-child parent. I really want to savor these moments with Aiza. She truly deserves every minute of this time. My heart aches for all that is to come for her. And since we are quite conscious of all the changes that are to come for her, we believe we will be able to understand her mood swings well. But hey time will tell! A sleep-deprived brain can only handle so much. I’m no saint.

P.S. We made it to the Auckland Zoo with Aiza. Woohoo! That's one thing off my long to-do list.

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