I tried 8 products from 'Eau Thermale Avene' for a few months and this is how my skin fared!

7 January 2020

Avene Skincare Review

I’ve been using Avene skincare for many months now. A revered pharmacy brand from France, Avene has quite a cult following. I was sent a couple of their hydrance optimale range of products to try out. I added more to my collection so I could use and review their whole line up of dry skin-specific products for my parched skin. 8 of them! And here are my thoughts on each of them. Some I love, some I like, some I could do without. Read on..

(Products listed in the order they are used)

Avene Gentle milk cleanser review
1. Eau Thermale Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser ($40 for 200ml) - This is my third favourite product from the bunch I used. I’ll tell you the first two in a few minutes. This creamy cleanser is beautiful! It dissolves makeup and gunk without stripping any natural skin oils. In fact, it adds some hydration/moisture to my skin. The clear bottle has a generous size that has lasted me many months and is still going strong. I use this cleanser as an everyday cleanser for my dry skin. It’s scent isn’t over-powering. On the contrary, it’s very calming. This cream cleanser is perfect for dry skin!

Avene cleansing foam review

2. Eau Thermale Avene Cleansing Foam ($35 for 150ml) - I indulge in double cleansing while removing (occasional) makeup. A cream cleanser followed by cleansing foam gives me clean skin. This foamy cleanser lathers well (too well actually!). It’s best suited for oily-combination skin. On my dry skin, it removes all traces of makeup and gives me squeaky clean skin without over-drying it. I am kinda not a squeaky clean skin fan. I don’t reach for it every day as I don’t wear makeup on the daily.

3. Eau Thermale Avene Gentle Toning Lotion ($40 for 200ml) - This hydration toner works very well in this skincare system. I shake the bottle and put some liquid on the palm of my hand. I then apply it straight on to the face. Why waste a cotton pad or product! 

The toner separates into two layers when it’s sitting idle. Think micellar water! I love this. It’s my fourth favourite product from this range. It’s very calming, absorbs right in and creates a good canvas for other skincare products to follow. I actually have an even acne-free skin since using Avene products. This toner might be the star product behind it. Notice I say might. This whole range of products has worked pretty well for my dry and uneven skin. I've been sporting my makeup-free skin everywhere; thanks to this range.

Avene hydrating serum review

4. Eau Thermale Avene Hydrating Serum ($60 for 30ml) - After the toner, follows the serum. I have to admit this serum isn’t my favourite. It’s a hydrating serum and does a decent job, but for the hefty price tag, I feel like any ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Serum would do the same job for a lot cheaper. The serum hydrates but not enough. It’s very light and absorbs-in fast.

5. Eau Thermale Avene PhysioLift Eyes ($65 for 15ml) - This is my number one product from the range. I can’t quite pinpoint why I like this eye cream so much. It could be its soft balmy texture or the fast absorption rate or its ability to reduce puffiness or maybe it's the calm therapeutic effect when I apply it on. I don’t know really but I love it. I can’t say it’s reduced wrinkles and dark circles but it surely makes my eyes look well-rested (they’re not!). The only drawback is the pump packaging (my pet peeve! too much product wastage) and the opaque bottle as I can’t really see how much product is left.

Avene Gentle toning lotion review

6. Eau Thermale Avene PhysioLift Night Balm ($70 for 30ml) - I searched and searched for a night cream in Avene’s hydration range. This night balm is the only thing that comes close. It’s their version of night cream. A very light (yet rich!) balmy textured cream that has a slight medicinal scent. The scent took some time to get used to but I actually look forward to it now. It’s unlike any other product I’ve ever used. I apply the balm after the hydrating serum. Truth be told, while it’s amazing at what it is (hydration), it leaves something to be desired. My skin likes heavy hydration. This one is just enough. I follow it up with my trusty Rosehip Oil to seal in all the moisture. It works well that way and I wake up with fresh and hydrated skin.

7. Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water Spray ($15 for 50ml can)- The cult product from Avene that every beauty enthusiast has seen or heard about. This thermal spring water spray is a quick boost of hydration for your dull dehydrated skin. I quite like it as the aluminium can packaging and nifty nozzle imparts a very fine mist. It’s a perfect travel buddy. But let’s not forget it’s essentially water, glorified water that is as it has soothing and anti-irritating properties owing to its origins. It’s still water. 

But I have to give it to Avene still as it’s very hassle-free and convenient, more so when you are out and about or have a full face of makeup on. It’s for times you can’t simply splash water on your skin. For those times, I love it! The small can that I own is practically weightless, hence perfect for travels.

Avene spf20 hydrating day cream review

8. Eau Thermale Avene Rich Hydrating Cream SPF 20 ($57 for 40ml) - This is my second favourite product from the bunch I tried (anyone keeping a list yet?). I’ve been using this day cream every day before work. I know SPF 20 isn’t huge and I definitely need a heavier duty sunscreen when out and about. However, for my indoor job, this is perfect. It’s super light on the skin, absorbs fast, has no white cast, hydrates my skin for an entire workday and is easy to take off as well. I’m really happy with it. I just found out that Avene makes an spf30 version as well. I've put that one on my wishlist now. I believe this day cream will suit other skin types as well as it sits pretty matte. 

Final thoughts- I have been using these 8 products for many months now. I briefly switched to other random products and no set skincare even when my daughter was sick. My skin suffered then. I got some huge acne, zits and bumps. I am now back on Avene and my skin has calmed down. The unevenness and dullness have subsided. This made me believe that the skincare was actually working. I have to add though that for my nighttime skincare routine, I still add Rosehip Oil as my last step. I wake up with happy hydrated skin. I can’t pinpoint which product (of the bunch) has worked the best as I used them all together but the skincare system certainly did me good. 

Recommended! Especially for dry and sensitive skin. It’s a super gentle and effective skincare range.

Avene eau thermale spring water spray review

Have you used Avene products? Any favourites? What skincare should I try next? Talk to me in the comments below


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