SoapWorks Earth Rhythm Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar- Review + Comparison with my favorite Ethique bars

9 January 2020

Earth Rhythm Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar

soapworks Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar review

The world is changing. We are all re-thinking our plastic consumption (or I'd like to believe so.. let me be in my bubble). Solid shampoo bars are the future. Plastic shampoo bottles are one of the most wasteful product in my opinion; millions of them thrown away each day. It is essentially some hair cleansing product mixed in about 95% water and packaged into an attractive plastic bottle. It’s really a no-brainer to switch to concentrated bars and soaps so you aren’t paying for water and contributing to plastic waste going into the landfills.

I switched to Ethique shampoo bars years ago and haven’t looked back. However, whenever I recommend them to my readers, there are always concerns about the availability of this NZ brand. Hence, I’m forever on a lookout to try out shampoo bars from other countries. My dear friend Shayoni from Sweet & Bitter Blog gifted this Earth Rhythm 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar to me a couple of months ago. I’ve been using it once a week since then. Husband uses the same bar multiple times a week. We still have a good few washes left in the bar after about 3 months of use. That’s amazing!
Since many of you were interested in my review of this shampoo bar, here I am.
I was recently listening to a podcast that featured Brianne West, the founder of Ethique. She mentioned how their bars were different from other shampoo bar brands. She said Ethique bars contain actual quality shampoo ingredients in concentrated form as opposed to other brands selling soap as shampoo bars. This is how she justifies the high price tag of Ethique bars as well. It got me thinking! I wouldn’t jump to conclusions here but it’s some food for thought for you. I really should dig up some chemistry facts but I’m a bit out of time. Food for thought as I said!
A lot of you wanted me to compare this Indian brand to Ethique, hence this is a sort of comparison post.

coconut oil shampoo bar review

best solid shampoo bar india
As far as the usage goes, I found that SoapWorks Earth Rhythm Coconut bar was definitely longer lasting than the Ethique bar. It dissolved (/wasted away) less in the shower. It even held its distinctive heaxgonal till it's last breath. Quality-wise, I quite liked the Earth Rhythm shampoo bar. This coconut oil variant would suit someone with hair to the oilier side. The bar does lather well and takes away all the grease out in one wash (like a soap). It, however, does so gently. If your hair is on the drier side, perhaps try some other moisturizing variant from the brand. This one cleans hair good so it might not be for every hair type. My hair is left squeaky clean and a little dry. They aren’t straw but I do need a conditioner to follow. An ACV rinse does the trick (Apple Cider Vinegar for the uninformed).

Ethique bar left my hair more moisturized which I liked but it also meant frequent washing. With this coconut oil bar, I can go without washing my hair up to a week. So there’s pros and cons to both.
Since I did not own Soapworks conditioner (do they even have one?), I used an Ethique conditioning bar with it after every wash. They worked really well together. Soapworks cleaned my hair good, Ethique bar put some shine and moisture back in. Overall, I’m really happy with the combo and would definitely consider it again.
I also like it's square tin container packaging. We are re-using the container for a baby soap so it’s already re-purposed. Winner!
Final Thoughts- I really like this shampoo bar. So does my husband. It has lasted us over 3 months which is pretty good for a small hexagonal bar. It is however suited to the hair on the oilier or greasier side. I like it because I don’t have to wash my hair often. I just have to make sure I use a conditioner or do an ACV rinse after it. When I'm in hurry (I’m a mom duh!), a good leave-in hair serum does the trick. Bonus: it is sulphate-free.
Price: Rs. 447 (About $10 NZD)
Availability: Online at theearthrhythm website (linked) and other e-commerce sites such as Amazon India.

best solid shampoo for oily hair
Have you made the switch to solid shampoo bars yet? If not, do it! They are worth it! For you and the environment.
Happy 2020

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