Ethique Pinkalicious Shampoo Bar + Wonderbar Conditioner Review

18 April 2018

Ethique Pinkalicious shampoo and wonderbar conditioner review

They say Diamonds are a girl's best friend. I say Bullshit! Its a good shampoo that works for her hair and then she sticks with it forever because a good hair day can change lives. Who agrees?

I have a love-hate relationship with shampoo's. In 30 years of my life, I haven't found one that's perfect for my thick, black, bushy, hair-fall prone, Indian hair. Surely, it mustn't be this hard to create a good shampoo.

I've unsuccessfully been on the Sulfate-free bandwagon too. Even though they are so much better for me, environment and my scalp health, somehow they fail to give me shiny hair that I had once upon a time in my teens. Boy! I had good hair, if only I knew how to keep them bouncy and lustrous forever.

Ethique Pinkalicious shampoo bar review

The shampoo that I'm reviewing today is probably the closest I've gotten to my perfect shampoo hunt but it's still not quite up there (almost!). Ethique's Pinkalicious Shampoo Bar is surely the most unique shampoo you'll ever come across. It's a solid bar (no water), fairly natural, made right here in NZ, is completely plastic free, works great on my hair, lathers well (unlike SLS-free ones I tried) and comes from a company that has environmental consciousness at the core of their business. So you see it has so much going right for it.

The Pinkalicious Shampoo bar from Ethique was a limited edition bar last year when it was released to celebrate company's 5th year in business and made pink to reflect brand's logo. Loaded with Samoan cocoa butter and coconut oil and with soothing scent of vanilla and pink grapefruit, this guy sold out in no time. So from Valentine's day 2018, Ethique re-introduced this bar and made it permanent.

Ethique Pinkalicious shampoo review

Best suited for normal to dry hair (& I agree), this solid bar lathers great, cleans hair like nobody's business, nourishes them, makes them shiny (hell yeah!!). Shinier than any other shampoo I've used in a decade. Soft shiny lustrous hair! No itchy scalp and some control on hair fall too! Then why this complaining tone you ask? My hair starts getting oily after 2-3 days. Definitely not a usual thing for my dry hair. I'm that person who washes hair twice a week MAX & I've been known to stretch that out to even a week during some of those full on weeks (messy buns to the rescue). Maybe its all the good oils and butter in the shampoo. Husband feels the same. So its not just me imagining things. But we both are still hopelessly addicted to this shampoo and continue to use it because the shiny healthy hair you get after wash and for next 1-2 days later are unmatched.

I have been using this shampoo in conjunction with The Guardian Conditioning Bar from Ethique. An apple green solid bar with the goodness of Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin B5 & lime oil and made specifically for dry, very dry, damaged and super frizzy hair. You see what I'm doing wrong here. I'm using a conditioner that has more oil & butters in it. No wonder I end up with oily hair on the third day.
So maybe this conditioner is to blame for my woes. I find the shampoo on its own gives me an extra day or two between washes. I'm keen to try Pinkalicious shampoo with Wonderbar Conditioner from the company as it promises to give healthy luscious hair without adding weight, made specifically for mildly oily-normal hair. Sounds like this might be the one for me. It also has Coconut Oil and Cocoa butter in it, with a dash of vanilla.

Ethique wonderbar conditioner review

Ethique nz shampoo bar review

Ethique nz  conditioner review

Would I buy it again? I'm going to try other shampoo bars from Ethique. I remember using their Damage Control Shampoo Bar and Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar a couple of years ago and fell in love. If I don't get the shiny healthy hair that I'm looking for with those two, there is every possibility that I'll come back to Pinkalicious. Its just so perfect! I can't stop touching my hair. Not sure if you've noticed in photos on Instagram but my hair quality and look has improved vastly in last 2 months that I've been using Pinkalicious shampoo + Guardian Conditioner combo. With these results, I am ready to put up with some greasy hair on third day!

Me and husband have used this shampoo for nearly 2 months and still have a month's worth left. So you see this bar actually lasts long. Company claims it's equivalent to 3 liquid shampoo bottles, hence I feel it is well worth the price of $22 NZD a bar. For the longest time, I hesitated paying that much for a shampoo, but now me and husband both agree that the stunning hair you get after Ethique's bars are worth it. It's so hard to get on to any other shampoo now. We just don't want to!

Bottom-line, Truly the best shampoos on the market- NZ & beyond its borders. With no plastic bottles in sight, no water wastage and sustainability at its heart, I'd always pick Ethique over other brands. FYI the whole Ethique range is solid (plastic free). Think solid facial serum bar, body wash bar, pet shampoo bar and even a tanning bar. Fact- Your liquid shampoo is 90% water. That's a lot of money for water. Ethique's solid bars have all the good stuff minus the water, so they are like concentrated form of shampoo's.

Availability- Available online at and various other websites in NZ (list of stockists on Ethique's website), selected Farmers stores NZ wide, Nourished Life stores in Aus and Pharmapacks in US.

Ethique Damage control shampoo bar review

Have you ever used a solid shampoo? Do these intrigue you? Talk to me in the comments below :)


Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for consideration. My views are honest as always. 

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