38 Weeks Pregnant- 11 days as family of 3!

1 July 2022

I believe this update will change depending on the time of the day I write it. This quiet morning hour that I cherish so much, I love being pregnant and having this time to myself while the toddler is tucked in with dad. Glad there isn’t a baby up at all ungodly hours.

At night, before sleep time though, I writhe with rib pain & want this baby out asap. So much pain. After an entire day of standing and working at my day job (forensic lab), photography stuff when home, then dinner and the chores, as 8:30pm rolls on, my body has given up on me completely. Not the toddler though, she still wants every bit of me and this causes a lot of tears each night. This window of time that could have been our cherished reading and connecting moments, after a day spent separate ways is now spent stretching those ribs, that don’t seem to expand whatever I do. Only the baby out will fix that problem. Which tbh is a bigger problem.

So yeah I’m kind of somewhere between this time is precious, make the most of it to can these 11 days just pass by in a blink please, I’m so done with pregnancy discomforts. I don’t remember feeling this way during my first pregnancy. Back then, I was in jolly good spirits till my due date and even a week after.

11 days of us as 3 people family and then we expand. So many changes coming. So much unknown. A little bit of curiosity and excitement too, about how it’ll be. How Aiza will perceive and handle being the big sister? We shall know soon.

Time is running fast and I still have a to-do list to envy. Tbh work keeps me sane. I can’t imagine sitting at home with a toddler, waiting for the baby to come out. I can’t sit idle. Period. My ribs won’t let me sit anyway. So being at home when all Aiza wants to do is sit on me and read is more painful than anyone would ever know. Both physically and emotionally. I hate saying NO all day to her. Poor bubba wakes up in the middle of the night and starts massaging my ribs. She knows.

This week I’m tackling a PR event for a brand, some photo shoots for products, a dental hygienist appointment, and new Invisalign retainers, new bubba’s cot mattress cleaning, and various other odd jobs, after my full-time day job. I want to keep next week, my last working week, as free as possible. The baby can arrive anytime so the more I can do this week the better. Writing this update featured on the to-do list too so that’s one green tick in my notes. Ok time to stretch them muscles now. I’ve had virtually no leg cramps since starting to work out consistently every morning. And by workout I mean 15-20 minutes (max) of random prenatal YouTube workouts. The one that (apparently!) prepares me for labor is a fave.

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